Stop it Miranda

About three weeks ago my friend Miranda was staying over at my house and left my room to get a drink, She was gone a little longer than expected and returned giggling and looked at me saying "Oh my god", I said "What?" and she stood there covering her mouth for a second then motioned for me to follow her. My mom wasn't home and my step dad had gone for a shower, He always leaves the bedroom door open but closes the sliding door to their attached bathroom and Miranda led me straight to my parents room and we tip toed in, We sneaked up to the sliding door and you could hear the shower running.
Miranda quietly slid the door open enough that we could see him in the shower through the glass shower doors, At first I was like "WTF Miranda" and then she kept pointing for me to look so I did, He has a...Dad bod and a huge p****, I have the internet so a p**** is not a new sight and I was already pretty sure it was a big one but had never seen it in the 12 years we have lived together (He and my mom were married when I was 4), after a couple minutes we sneaked back to my room and giggled about what we had seen but last weekend Miranda came over again knowing fully well that my mom was away for the weekend and she basically stalked him until she knew he was in the shower and there was no talking her out of going to spy on him again.
She opened the door and we looked for a few minutes and I was like "Ok, Let's go" but when I got to their door I looked back and she was still spying on him, I whispered that I was leaving and went to my room, About a few minutes later she came to my door and said "Come Quick, Quick" and we tip toe ran to their room, She had left the door open and whe I looked in he was standing leaning against the shower wall with one hand and jerking with the other, He was abviously hard and it was a bit shocking, I knew he did that, Every guy does I am sure but his size was shocking. We watched for a minute and then I tapped her shoulder and told her I was leaving but she urged me to stay.
I reluctantly stayed and we watched until he finished and then sneaked back to my room, Miranda wouldn't stop talking about it the whole night and finally I had to pretend to go to sleep to get her to stop, After she thought I was asleep I heard rustling and felt the bed moving and I knew what she was doing, After a minute she started breathing heavy and moaned a couple times and finally we fell asleep, In the morning I heard my door close and looked, I looked over at Miranda and she was sleeping with her shirt twisted to the side and one of her b**** out (She has big ones).
As I was looking at her she opened her eyes and looked at the door then at me and turned beet red then fixed her shirt, I whispered "Did you flash my step dad on purpose?", She avoided the question and left that afternoon but kind of hinted all afternoon about coming back that night, I told her I was feeling sick but all week she has been talking about staying over at my house this weekend. I told her she has to stop spying on him but she just giggled. I don't even want her to stay over if that is all she wants to do...It's a p**** Miranda, Get over it.

Jun 4, 2020

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  • Situations like this are never comfortable but they do happen. I stopped letting guys sleep over because all they'd do is perv on my sisters.

  • Invite her over. Give your dad and you friend some fun times! You can watch all you want.

  • Let her have her fun

  • Bruh imagine seeing your dads massive c*** and enjoying the sight, not that I blame you but still

  • Support your GF! Don't c*** block.

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