They didn't get it

I'm white, most of my friends are white, and we totally hate racism. We also were theater students together in high school. We went down to one of the protests in blackface to re-enact the death of Floyd, so we could teach the protesters how utterly horrifying his death was.

We got to the part where I had my knee on my buddy's neck and all of a sudden the crowd turned on us, beat us up, and carried us to a large dumpster into which they threw us. Damn, it was nasty in there.

I don't know WTF is wrong with some of these protesters; we are on their side and were just trying to teach them about how bad racism is. Ironically, it was a few cops who helped us out of the dumpster and got us medical attention.



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  • Wishing you were here so I could kick your ass. DO NOT MAKE FUN of this. The country is f****** close to burning.

  • Let it burn. The last three years have proven it's stuffed to the brim with stupid people. They deserve no less.

  • Stop weeding yourself kid

  • Just a stupid f****** joke honestly

  • More stupid than joke, yes. And OP seems very proud of it, which emphasizes the stupidity =)

  • You went to. Floyd protest in blackface? Seriously? I hope you're kidding. Please tell us that was just a bad joke. Please tell us you aren't all that stupid. Please.

  • Remember, Confession Post has very little to do with actual confessions. This is where bored virgins with no social skills sit around sharing the same three or four fantasies, with a sperg's frantic need for repetition. And where their intellectual superiors laugh and throw rocks at them. :)

  • He would not be alive to tell his sick story

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