One and done.

My best friend and I shared a hotel room with our GF's last weekend in Vegas and it turned out to be the best weeked ever, We all got drunk and went back to the room. Me and my GF were making out in bed and my best friend and his GF were doing the same, Pretty soon you could hear her slurping and I looked over, He didn't even have the covers on and we could totally see her sucking his d!ck.
My GF was pretty drunk and went for it too, We both got them naked and no one was trying to hide anything, My GF is short, Slim, Brunette and small b****, His is short, Slim and blonde with just slightly bigger b****. He picked his GF right up and plopped her down on our bed right beside us, We were all banging and groping each others GF's, Then they started touching each other and kissing and whatever so I rolled my Gf onto her knees. My GF and his were kissing and I pushed my GF's head toward his GF's nip and she didn't even think twice, My GF started sucking his GF's nips and they were both going crazy.
We ended up in a tandem sixty nine with me banging my GF and him banging his but I was tea bagging his GF at the same time. It was all more than I could handle and I came inside my GF and pulled out, His GF didn't even think about it and just started licking up my come as it was dripping out of her. He blew his load shortly after and we both sat back watching the two of them lick and finger each other. They were rolling all over the place and I started to get hard again.
I looked at him and he looked at me, I shrugged and he nodded so I stepped between his GF's legs, My GF just grabbed my c*** and started pulling me toward his GF, I slid it in and away we went, He got behind my GF and then we split apart and had them side by side on their backs, It went on for like hours. The two of them were just loving everything, My GF is not usually super h0rny but that night she just wouldn't stop. After me and him had both came again we pulled the coffee table up to the couch in our room and me and him sat on it while our GF's slouched down, His Gf put her feet on either side of me and my GF did the same with him and they started fingering and rubbing and touching each others pu$$ies.
I stood up and leaned over his GF jerking and she grabbed me making me stand over her, She leaned her head back and opened her mouth and my GF did the same as my friend stood over her, I was trying and tryin and it took her O face to FINALLY make me come again, Not a lot but shot a decent load on her face and in her mouth as she came. I sat at the far end of the couch and she sat in front of me, I played with her b**** while we watched until my friend FINALLY did the same to my Gf and then she laid with one leg on the back of the couch and he held the other as she fingered until she came with me and his GF watching up close.
My Gf ended up passing out on the couch and eventually me and him took his GF to bed and tagged her, It went on forever and I don't even think I got off...Tough to remember but when it was done He walked over and picked up my Gf, Carried her to the other bed and we passed out with each others GF's. Next day was kinda weird and I wish we were staying another night but had to drive home, After we got home it took a day or two before my Gf would talk about it but when she did she started crying, I was like "What's wrong?" She said "Uh, What do you think?", I shrugged and she said "You don't get it" and I said "No I don't".
Yesterday she wanted to talk about it again so we sat down and she said "Ok, Here is why I am upset", She told me was upset about basically everything and then she said "And don't think me and her didn't talk about it and I know you guys tagged her after I fell asleep", I shrugged and said "Yeah, So", She just shook her head and said "I just...I never thought I would be...That girl", I said "What are you talking about?, What girl?" and she said "The girl who gets drunk and lets her BF bang her friends...Bangs her BF's friends and..." and then she started crying again and said "And I f****** ate my friend out...I f****** went down on Miranda and...F******..." then she took a deep breath and said "Ok...I just can't right now", She got up to walk away and then stopped and said "Im going to bed, Are you coming?".
I nodded and we went to bed, We had s** and she got off and then we fell asleep, If she was really that upset would she have put out?, Would she have gotten off? or is she palying some sort of guilt game? Doesn't matter, Whatever she is doing it happend, It was fun and she'll have to get right with it herself.

Jun 11, 2020

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