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When I was 19 I had a one time...Ok, One day affair with my wife's older sister, I had gone over to her appartment to get my watch which I had left there the weekend before, She was 18 and her sister was 32, Her sister and I had never met before but my wife had told me she had recently had her baby like maybe 4 or 5 months before. Both my wife and her sister look very similar in height, weight and overall physical appearance but at ther time her sister had humongous b****, They were massive, Veins showing and her nips were unbelievable. My wife and I had only been dating maybe a month and a half off and on as more of a casual hookup sort of thing.
Anyway I go over and knock on the door and the door unlocks and an older version of my wife opens the door, I am fully willing to admit that I was instantly attracted to her, She explained my wife had been called into work that morning so I texted her and she said she wouldn't be home until later that afternoon but my watch was on her night table, I came inside the appartment and struck up a conversation so I could check her sister out for a couple minutes and holy was it worth it, We started talking and she told me she had come to stay the night and was heading home after my wife got home from work.
I was fully aware that I got caught checking her out and staring at her chest, She was wearing just some random cotton shorts and a tank top and bra, Her tank top was letting stuff hang out all over the place and her bra was barely able to contain her b****, She appeared to be enjoying the attention and we continued talking and had sat down in the living room, After a little while she asked the question. "So...You and Amy?, How long has that been going on", I said "She never mentioned me?" and her sister said "Well...She said there was a guy but I want to hear your take on it" so I played it off as a total random sort of thing and she told me that my wife told her the same .
She excused her self from the room and said she would be right back, I watched her walk away and her bum was jiggling as she walked, I heard the toilet flush and heard the sink then I swear I heard her brush her teeth and tapp her tooh brush on the sink, When she returned we talked a bit and she was being super flirty. Within 10 or so minutes she leaned in and kissed me and it was on, Within minutes I had a full on erection and she took notice. She started groping me through my shorts and next thing I knew she had my shorts undone, Fumbled her hand inside and grabbed my shaft moaning "Oh s***", After meeting her husband I am sure I know why she reacted the way she did, He is a short slim guy, Ripped but a small guy, I am over 6 feet and at the time was pretty decently built and I am sure he is not big down there, She got on her knees and pulled my shorts down and had like a full body shiver, Looked up at me and bit her lip then said "This never happened, I need to know that you'll take this to the grave", I nodded and she opened her mouth and leaned forward sucking my d!ck, She would work her head down and side to side until she gagged herself and then pull back and gasp for air. I had never and still havent been with a girl who gave head like she did, She was an animal, She was panting and grinding her hips and then stood up and led me to the spare room by my hand.
We jumped on the bed and I pulled her shorts off then started working my way down, She kept pulling me back up but I kept working down and finally I looked at her and she said "You don't have to", I said "I want to...It's my favorite thing to do" and she shivered and said "Oh god...My husband doesn't do that, I haven't done that in over 6 years...My husband won't do it because I...Well...I come...Hard and a lot", I said "Oh god, Now I want to even more", she bit her bottom lip and shivered, I put my knee on hers and worked it between her legs as she reluctantly spread them a bit, after a minute or so i had both my legs between hers spreading them, She had her hand over her pu$$y and i licked and sucked her fingers then pulled her hand away. She was...Fuzzy, Like she normally shaved but hadn't in a while, More than stubble but not long hair and she looked down and said "Ooohhh that's embarrassing", I looked at her and said "I love it", She actually had a really nice pu$$y and it probably looks great shaved but at the time I didn't care.
No matter what I did she loved it all, I was licking her and started rubbing her back door a little with my finger, She lifted her legs and let me go right for it, I switched to my thumb and shoved it in, She gasped and grabbed my wrist pulling my thumb out and said "Oowie, Owie, Not in, Not in" and I went back to rubbing, She was moaning "Yeah, Just like, Just...yeah, like that" then she lifted one leg over my head, Rolled onto her stomach and got up on her knees, she was arching her back sticking out her jiggly bum as I licked her and rubbed her butt hole, I took my other hand and early on I had figured out how to find the...G-spot, I shoved two fingers in, Found it and went to work, She moaned "Oh..S***" and started to shake, Her bum was jiggling and tensing up showing all of her cellulite and then she grunted and I seen what she meant by "Coming hard", She started moaning and grunting and started to come, It was running down my arm and down the inside of her thighs.
She collapsed on the bed after a minute and then rolled to a dry spot and looked at me, she looked totally embarrassed and her face was flush and beet red, She said "I am so sorry, I...I...", I stood infront of her showing her my full h****** and said "I've never been so hard in all my life", She looked down the look on her face almost made me finish then and there, She moaned and said "Mmm, Please tell me you have a condom". I smiled and nodded, Bolted to my wife's room and grabbed one out of the night table, When I got back she was sitting up and I handed it to her.
She smiled and ripped it open, Grabbed my shaft and rolled it on, I pushed her back and she flopped her legs open, I pressed my k*** against her and started leaning forward...She was sooo tight, I slid half way in and she stopped me saying "Ooohhh gooood...stop, stop, Stop", she was panting and I asked if she was ok, She panted "So big, So big", I started pulling back and pushing in and every time I pushed in she tensed up and moaned. She closed her eyes and I slid my hand under her back, She shook her head no as I fumbled with the clasp, She stopped and said "No, We need to leave that", I said "I want to see your huge t!ts", and she blushed even more saying 'Uh...I can't...they...Leak" and I said "fu@k I hope so" and she gave me this weird look, arched her back and when I undid the clasp her bra which was not a pretty one by any means with all the padding and stuff and I had no idea the fronts opened up or I would have gone for that way sooner but when I popped the clasp it exploded off her chest and OOOHHH MY GOD.
she tossed it on the floor and she had humongous, Round, Rock hard t!ts, Her areolas were dark brown and as big as a coffee mug and her nips were huge, Long, Fat and hard as rock standing straight up, they were leaking milk and i shoved into her looking down, Her left nip started squirting milk and she covered it with her hand saying "Oh god, I havent pumped since last night and they are ready to explode". I had worked my whole d!ck into her and she couldn't even speak while I pounded her, Her left t!t was like a fountain squirting milk every time I shoved into her and then the right one started. She flipped onto her stomach and I grabbed her hips lifting her to her knees, I slid into her from behind and she slurred something then when I paused she said "fu@k, I can't even talk", I reached around and grabbed her big nips, even being as big as they were I couldn't keep ahold of them because they were all wet and slippery with milk so as I was pounding her I kept grabbing and pulling them and it ended up with me basically milking her.
The bed was soaking wet under her and I rolled her onto a dry spot on her back, I slid back in and after only a couple minutes she stopped me, Pushed me back and I said "Are you ok?", she said "Fu@k I hate condoms" and grabbed my shaft, Peeled my rubber off and tossed it to the floor then said "Don't come inside me" I was going to say something and she held up one finger saying "Dont...Fu@king...Come...Inside me", I nodded and she helped guide me into her, As I shoved in b**** deep she moaned "Oh fu@k yes, that's better".
I was pounding her hard and she was loving it, I had one arm around her under her bum rubbing her back door again and she had her legs up, B**** squirting milk off and on and I blew my load, Right inside and she grunted and clamped her legs around my waist stopping me and said "Did you?", I said "No", She squinted at me and relaxed her legs, I kept going and she said "Tell me when you're gonna come, I want to hear you say it", I nodded and a minute later later said "I'm gonna come, Can I come on your t!ts?", she shook her head no and said "In my mouth", I pulled out and she sat up, I shot a huge load even by my standards all over her mouth and lips and it was running down her chin dripping onto her t!ts.

Jun 9, 2020

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