True First Time Gloryhole


I was traveling at the time and passed the Adult Bookstore on the way to my hotel. It had been a long drive and I was pretty h****. All I was thinking about was getting into a video booth and jerking off while watching come p*** and then getting back to my room to rest…but things don’t always go as you planned.
So after checking in and cleaning up a little I took a walk down the street to the bookstore.
I got into a small viewing booth and put my money into the slot. The video came on and I was into some oral and a*** viewing.
Sitting in the chair I leaned forward to change the channel and got a scene of a hot mouth deep throating a nice hard c***. This is what I wanted to see so I unzipped and pulled my c*** out. It felt good once it got into my hand.
The scene was a close-up shot so when the camera back up I saw it was actually a hot mouth of a guy.
Now I’m not a prude to gay action but I do like a hot blonde with a tight body taking it in all holes.
As I leaned forward to change the channel something caught my eye.
What I didn’t notice was a gloryhole to the right of my chair. Through the hole fingers were beckoning me to pass myself through. I had heard about gloryholes but never experienced one. So what the heck…I am in different town…no one knows me…give it a try.
I took my c*** and fed it through the hole and as soon as it entered fingers wrapped around my hardness and then a loving tongue started lapping the end of my d***.
The sensation of someone touching me and tending to my needs was captivating. I wanted to push my hips through the gloryhole as this hot mouth enveloped the length of my c***. The sensation of the hot mouth swooping over my skin made me give out a sigh of gratitude.
Wet, warm and sliding up and down. Sucking and slurping sounds could lightly be heard as I was experiencing great pleasure from my unknown sucker.
I could only imagine what it looked like on the other side of the wall and then I turned to the video screen. The mouth on my c*** was matched to the same action I was viewing. I knew what the guy was feeling in the video because I was getting the same treatment through the wall.
My pants had fallen to the floor with all the gyrating hip action I was doing while getting sucked. I pulled clear of one pant leg so I could spread my legs and have a better stance.
His sucking was smooth, making my c*** very sensitive and receptive to the lapping tongue and every once and awhile his hand would come into play and j*** my saliva covered shaft before swallowing my hardness again. This action repeated numerous times and I swear that my hips were banging the common wall that anyone outside the booth sure knew what was going on inside the one I was in.
Now I’m flat against the wall and my hands don’t know what to do. They start sliding up and down the wall uncontrolled because of the sensation that was going through my body at this time. My loins were telling me I was close to c******. My legs were shaking in anticipation of a blast of sperm I had never experienced before.
Just then my hands hit something above my head. There were handles and I grabbed on because I need to support myself as my legs were shaking so bad I didn’t think I could stand much longer…and then it happened.
For sure I know they heard me outside the booth as I grunted loudly, kept slamming my hips against the wall and fired my load. My hips pressed firmly against the wall…one load…this didn’t stop the sucking on my c***…pulled back a little and slammed the wall again…another load…and still harder suction on my rod.
I was now hanging from the handles as my legs were barely holding me up.
The mouth on the wall pulled off me a little…replaced by the hand to keep me excited by jerking my shaft…then the mouth returned and sucked me clean.
It was probably a minute before I could pull myself away from the hole and sit bare assed on the chair. Feeling an aura around me of pleasure that I had never experienced before. The Taboo of what just took place was amazingly sensual.
I just let a guy suck my c*** and better than any woman I had ever been with.
As I sat there contemplating what had just happened I found out there was more to be done.
Coming through the hole was this beautiful, thick, long and hard c***. Doing a little bouncing dance as it came through the opening.
Now I always believed that when someone treats you well…you always return the favor.
I never had a c*** in my mouth before let alone my hand. But I reached out to feel this hardness and as my finger wrapped around I felt it throb. My hand slid up and down a few times and then I don’t know what but something took over my hesitation and I stood up from the chair and bent over and took the c*** into my mouth.
First the tip…licked it...tongued it…and then slowly…lapping…sucking…down an inch than back up…then down two inches…then back up…then all the way…as far as I could take it. This beautiful piece of manhood had to be about 8 inches long and a good 2 plus inches thick…it was awesome!
I started getting a rhythm as I could hear moaning coming from the hole telling me I must be doing something right!
All I had in my thoughts right now was not how embarrassing this would be if my friends found out…NO….all I could thing about was giving this guy the joy he gave me…even with my minimal talent.
I was working away wanting him to make more noise than me when I shot my load…but I got distracted.
It seems I didn’t notice the other gloryhole on the opposite wall of this little booth.
A hand had come through and was now rubbing my ass cheeks every once and awhile touching my little puckered hole.
That was all it took…I was lost in the sensation of the action about me.
I moved my ass in line with the hole and leaned against the opening never once stopping the action that was going on in my mouth.
A finger was teasing my hole until a long tongue lapped across the opening.
This caused me to gasp out opened mouth and amazingly my neighbor’s c*** found depth in my throat…a first time activity that cause me to gag…yet that gagging was a sign for this c*** to find depth and began thrusting the inches I couldn’t take on my own before into my airway and I wasn’t going to move…I just kept my mouth at that hole and let him attack my tonsil.
Meanwhile the tongue in my ass was lapping and inserting itself inside my hole. I could feel my hole getting sloppy saliva wet.
The feeling of my ass opening up to this tasty treat only committed my mouth more to that c*** that was f****** it.
Then a new sensation…tongue…one wet finger….tongue…two fingers…tongue…three fingers each time inserting for depth and rotating for acceptance…then…tongue…finger…d*******!
I didn’t want this to stop! I gave into the duties of my mouth and willingness of my ass to be used in a way never done to me before.
The fingers helped and the tip of the d*** popped into my hole…again I gasped due to the stretching taking place behind me and again the c*** in my mouth took joy in my surrendering.
Just as my mouth had gone inch my inch up and down the hard c*** so was my b********** treating my ass in the same way.
Each inch touching a different nerve ending giving me ecstasy and desire for more. Each inch finding depth cause me to moan my joy on the c*** in my mouth. Each inch making me realize a pleasure I had denied myself because of social attitudes. Each inch telling me I wanted more.
It was a twin to the c*** in my mouth…I’m almost certain…long…hard…and thick. My ass was tight against the wall and my hole was just what this guy wanted. He started banging that wall with his hip and that c*** up my ass.
I couldn’t stop…I wanted it all…c** in my mouth and c** in my ass.
Both f****** surely knew what was going on because they began pounding my body with no mercy…and I didn’t care.
I had to bring the chair in front of me to lean on as my two assailants did what they needed to do to fulfill my craving.
Never thinking that I would be in such a position between two walls and being penetrated at both ends. At the mercy of animalistic sexual need and nothing more. Two anonymous c**** using my body for their pleasure and I was loving it! Their toy for the night.
The throbbing hardness told me they were ready and soon my cool, wet saliva covered c*** up my ass was pushed to depth and began firing hot loads of c** up my ass. He gave me a couple of full length pumps and then buried himself again to spray more of himself inside me.
Those hot loads were then added by the c*** deep in my throat and the moan from the other side of the all. Hot c** shooting into my throat…quickly trying to learn how to swallow around his hardness and savor that taste. He had a lot to give and some dripped from my lips.
Both c**** stayed inside me for a little time before slowly being pulled out.
As the c** covered c**** withdrew from me and the wall I turned and once again put my bare ass on the metal chair.
I sat there thinking about what just took place…my c*** being sucked like never before…a c*** in my mouth as I have never done before…the probing and penetration of my ass never realizing you could get pleasure from being f***** there.
I was exhausted, excited and in wonderment of whether I ever wanted to do this again…H*** YES!

And that’s another story…if you’re interested?

Jun 10, 2020

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  • Love it, wish it was me. had some glory hole experience as well but not as hot as that. Sucked my first co k in one, yummmm

  • This is a beautiful story, you're a talented writer! I'd be very interested in your next story.

  • Reach me at and I'll send my latest

  • "True Daniel" was my second entry...hope you like it.

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