YOU ABSOLUTE PRIVILAGED **! you seriously ** want to defund police ? why ? because your ** feelings got hurt ... because a CRIMINAL DIED ... because 1 ** cop ** up.

YOU ABSOLUTE DEGENERATES! i hope they do abolish the police IN YOUR ** AREA

im talking about you Ocasio cortez! im talking about you illhan umar! im talking about you PELOSI im talking about you BIDEN! im talking about you BLM protestors!

to the men and women that have DEDICATED THEIR LIVES to protecting the citizens of their communities!

THANK YOU ... i am SORRY that these absolute degenerates! that should have their rights striped away from them! have a say.

i know its hard right now! i know a few of you are ** up more because its stressfull as ** for cops right now. but i dont want you gone i want to be able to call you up and have you help me! like you have been TRAINED TO DO!

for those that are looting in the streets go take a Long barbed wire coated shaft and shove it so far up your ** that you taste the ** that your spewing out of your mouths. you dont deserve the men and women in blue! ... you dont deserve what you have you ingrate full shitstains!

Jun 10, 2020

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  • "I'm a MAGAt who's still crying that my orange god isn't president anymore!!!"

    Shut up and die of Covid, you waste of flesh.

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