I dislike my girlfriend's daughter

I have been with my significant other for just over 7 years, and met her daughter when she just turned 11. From just one week of knowing the daughter I was able to figure out that she is a pathological and compulsive liar along with being one of the worst narcissist I have ever came across. She has a very selfish attitude and is a thief, most stuff stolen from me have been small things that if she would have asked I would have had no problems in giving them to her. I have confronted her on not taking possessions of others and if you ask you more than likely will receive it. It slowed for awhile; then important irreplaceable items came up missing, one such object was a vase from Japan that my grandfather brought home during his stay in Japan while the USA was helping repair the devastation of the Atomic bombs. This vase was one of very few that was made, plus it was the only thing I owned from my now deceased grandfather. Anyways, I noticed it was missing and scoured my home for it, not to be found. I asked the step if she had seen it she said no, a bit later I asked again and even asked if she accidentally took it, once again no, and she changed the subject to something that benefited her. A week later whilst speaking to her in her room and there was my loved base on her desk BROKEN! I asked her why did you lie to me and on top of it break it. Her excuse it was like that, and I deserve it anyways. I nearly throttled her. But left in disgust before I said something awful.
The narcissism and lies are beyond tolleration. She manipulated her mom via guilt, and constantly says she is the cream of the crop and all others are inferior. Lies about injuries, such as a server torn rotator cuff, that magically healed in 3 days, among other false illnesses that she says she has. There are so many instances of her lies and narcissistic tendencies that I can fill a book, but I won't go there. I have recommended and pleaded with her mother many times to get her into therapy, which her mother agreed. But the child refuses, and calls her grandmother and gives takes of woe is me story filled with fallacies and that she doesn't want to go to talk therapy. And her grandmother who is a bigot, and blames all her problems on others other than herself calls the mother and berates her to the point where my girlfriend is in tears. And threatens to take her daughter, and the little s*** stick daughter gloats and says I'm going to move in with grandma's, your a pathetic mom anyways, I deserve it all, and I'm so pretty.
Thank God this child will be 18 very shortly and I am going to legally evict her and not allow her into my home very often. I hope I don't sound like a j*** but the emotional damage she has caused to her mother and myself can no longer be tollerated.
Thank you for reading, I apologize for it being long essay. Any feedback is welcomed and thank you for your time.

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  • My girlfriends 21yo son was the end of my relationship. He was a lazy t*** and one day I explained this to him. His mom said I was getting between her and her son.

  • Wish you an the Mom the best. Tho you should realize that the Mom could stop this while the kid is still illegal, by sending her to military school or something. She is the parent an has full legal rights, an there is always one way or another to scare the smug out of a brat like that. An if the Mom didn't let the daughter go stay with the grandmother by now, I highly doubt she is going to just let you kick the daughter out once she's 18. Still wish you luck.

  • Your GF is the one that created and raised a monster. I'd be so out of there as you will be stuck with the little troll. Wait until she gets a bit older and just how much worse it will be.

  • Maybe she is doing this because she has a crash on you. I say you should have f***** her at 11 to calm her down


  • You say, do you? Well, I just farted. Air and noise came out of me just like it did you. Mine wasn't as foul though.

  • Generally speaking, if your life is infested with teenagers, do what you have to do to rid yourself of them the first chance you get.
    I wish I could be there the day you evict her, with balloons and a big foam finger and lots of "GTFO" trash talk and somebody filming it all! She deserves no less.

  • She need a good throttling when she was 11. Patients need too spank their children.

  • Throttling and spanking a child are two very different things. One is pure abuse, the other one might be discipline depending on the kid.
    And for those of us who aren't mentally ill and needing to be found dead in a ditch, there's nothing carnal about either situation.

  • I agree parents need to be empowered to discipline their kids. In America we have this weird situation with guns everywhere and people being killed. No respect for life and yet you try and smack your kid, you end up in jail.

  • I am older now but grew up in the mid 60's through the 70's and if I had gotten mouthy with elders my head would have been put through a wall. As it broke the sheetrock a few times. My father was a bit abusive but real early I learned there are consequences for my actions. Kids learn that too late or never nowadays.

  • I hear you. I grew up in the 70s and my father was abusive too. Got a couple of permanently fractured vertebra as just one item of proof.

    People who shriek that spanking is no different from hitting are fragile idiots who should stick with goldfish and hermit crabs and low-maintenance pets like that. They are not strong or intelligent enough to raise children.

    I was both spanked and hit, and therefore know what I'm talking about--THERE. IS. A. UNIVERSE. OF. DIFFERENCE.

  • Thanks for the reply. Here is one example of knowing consequences I learned about early in my life.
    It was about a week after my 16th birthday and my father came home and he had that look on his face we all knew. So we finished dinner did our chores and went upstairs.
    It was my name that got called by my father so I went to him.
    He said "out with it" he always said that, like we would confess to something we did that he didn't know about. Skipping school, getting high or what ever.
    Well he said it again and this time he added " I want to know why"
    I was confused and wasn't going to tell him anything. So I said "out with what"
    He then said " I want to know why you haven't told me you where Quitting school"
    Without even thinking I said "The thought never entered my mind"
    And that was the truth I hated school and if wasn't for him I would have dropped out the second I could have. But I knew that if I told him that I was dropping out of school! I would have been in school the next day with a broken jaw. And yes he fractured my jaw once.

  • God, I'm sorry you grew up in that environment. It seems like one of society's great open secrets that there are home situations like this, but nobody gives a s*** until a kid snaps and shoots up his high school.

  • No I'm thankful because I would not be here but in prison or dead. If he hadn't set me straight. I was going down the wrong road when I was forced to live with him. Some kids just get it and some kids have to get hit in the head with a shovel to know it hurts. That was me.

  • And there needs to be a H3LL of a lot more spanking in this world. Not the fun kind, and not just kids.

  • I would love to spank her, then make her feel better

  • Shut up pedo

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