My mom

I came home from school one day and just before i got home i saw this guy leaving our house.
When i went in mom was in the shower. I had a dea what was happening. Dad is gone alot trucking so i am not stupid.
Mom is short. I am 2 inches taller and she is very petite nice figure. I know she is hot.
It was about two week and dad left for a ling trip one evening. We were watching tv and mom took a call.
I pretend not to pay attention but could tell it was a guy talking to her.
She went in other room and I listened and she said he goes to bed at 10.
Soon after she was off phone and she went and got in shower. It sounded like he was going to come over after i go to bed
My bedroom is in basement. So when i go to bed i wait quietly and i could hear someone cone in.
I go to outside basement steps and sneak around house. I look in window and mom is sitting on couch with guy that looked old as grandpa. He had grayish hair and beard. Mom is only 31 he must be pushing 60.
They sit talking and she leaned into him and he put his arm around her.
I was upset bit more curious to watch to see what happens.
Mom was giggling and soon she was makit out with him. I was numb at first. She was wearing a t shirt and she got down and was pulling his pants down. Im watching in shock as i see my mom bobbing up and down blowing this guy my eyes drop as i take it in and see her laced black underwear ander her shirt as she leans over his lap.
Soon she stands up and slips her panties off.
Mom climbed up and straddling him i could see her guide his c*** and lower herself down on to him. I watch and hear my mo. F*** this guy and climax several times as he dumps his load into her.
Ehen they were done and i slip back to my room I realized i was tock hard.

Jun 10, 2020

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  • I was 16, and I came home early from school one day. My mom was in bed with the 23 year old next door married neighbor. They were so into it they didn't even know I was home. I watched them through the door which was slightly ajar. Listening to their conversation, I gathered this wasn't the first time for them having s**. I got to thinking he was 23, my mom was crowding 50. She must have felt pretty damned good for him to be s******* he on a regular basis due to their age difference. I never mentioned it to my mom.

  • She is lonely as my wife gets when Im gone keep it a secret and enjoy what you can see

  • Hot! I'd be hard too, that is very exciting.

  • Sick n tired of such BS go think some thing else and then come back again

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