Step dad

I have a huge crush on my stepdad.
I want to ride him so bad.
His name is Mike and if ever thought I could do it without mom knowing i would ride him like a s***.

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  • Wish my stepdaughter felt that way

  • The first thing you need to think about is he interested if he is then ok do it, if not do things to see if he is stop wearing under clothes let him see up your skirt show him what you've got between your legs, if he keeps looking up you skirt open wide show him what's on offer if he keeps looking start playing with you know what, he could be afraid to make the first move in case he gets it wrong and you tell your mum and cause a family row, its easy to find out, let my know i am speaking from experience Dan.

  • All the rude comments are from frustrated 28 year old basement gamers.
    Ive heard and seen so much in my 56 years there is nothing that surprises me... it still excites me though! Lol

  • Well u want to ride him, straddle him. If u fill up with c** he will know. Don't tell LOL

  • How old are you? How long have you wanted to f*** him? I'd love to fuc my stepdaughters.

  • How old are your stepdaughters?

  • The question is can you keep it a secret?

  • You need to start sitting with him on the sofa to watch TV. Then gradually start working your way over closer to him night by night until you're fully in his lap. Do a little bit of grinding and moaning. Soon enough, nature will take its course and your dreams will all come true. And so will all of his. Your mother, sad to say, will be sOL.

  • No this is just so sick people can wa nk it while reading all the replies

  • Teenage girls have throughout history had crushes on older males. teachers, step fathers, fathers of friends. Do they verbalise it with words like "ride him". Not that I have ever heard. They use words like wanting to be with him and loved and hugged.

  • Of course! We all "ride", and so that's how we all talk about it. My favorite riding style is "reverse cowgirl". It's f****** filthy and it's f****** effective.

  • I’m 28 now so i like to rude men

  • Thats because you are a man

  • Lol

  • I'm calling bullshit on this one

  • Give it up incest lover super fake post

  • Guys
    Step dad is not incest

  • But you are a j*** no doubt about it

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