My sister thought I would not remember

She watched me and her friend drive us to the mall. Mom and dad told her not to leave the house, but she had to go there.
She let me play in the toys R us to not tell mom. I kept her secret but I had the memory I could not shake.
She met this guy she did not know so well and ask for a ride home, since her friends ditched her and me her little brother.
She and he talked and he said what do we do with him. She said buy him some candy and he will be ok.
So I got my candy and we left the mall. I could not eat the candy till we got home. That was the deal. When we got there she put me in my room and told me not to come out. She would come get me.
I wanted some milk to drink with my choclate bar and snuck out. When I walked by her room, this strange guy was s******* her. I could hear her sounds and have never forgot them. Then he obviously came and aounded to me a kid like a monester of some kind. I stood there as he stood up and got dressed. She quickly got dressed and rushed him out of the house.
Years later I ask her why she screwed this guy for a ride home? She said mom would have not let her go to her friends party if she found out. She needed to be home by a certain time. So she told this guy he could have her if he did this favor. She later told me she was a virgin when she did this. What a msitake it was for her.
I always had the feelign my sister was a s*** for doing this.

Sep 3, 2014

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  • S***!!!!!!!!
    I like s****.

  • She is not a s*** today. She made a stupid mistake and paid for it with her virginity. She was hurt when the guy who did it was pretty rough on her, several times.

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