It's so bittersweet

A few weeks ago I posted about how the guy I like's sister made him give me a ride home from work. A few nights ago, I was working with just her. She basically told me that I was getting in her car and accepting a ride from her no matter what. She realized how far I lived, and was shocked that I walked that far away. The entire ride she told me how from now on I was not aloud to walk, and that I had to call her brother any time I was stuck without a ride. If we were working together, he had to drive me home. If we weren't, and I had to wait for my parents more than 5 minutes I was instructed to text him and tell him to pick me up. She also went as far as to tell all the managers about this situation; so now they're all poking fun at me asking what's up with me and him. He doesn't seem to mind. He keeps jokingly saying he has no friends and no life anyway, and that he rarely has plans.

The thing is, I don't want to seem desperate, poor, or attention seeking. I love how close we're able to get. Don't get me wrong on that; but I don't want to come off as annoying. I also don't want anyone to worry about me. The past six months I got along fine without any assisstance from anyone. It's only now everyone makes a big deal. I despise the drama; yet I hope he really does end up spending all the extra time with me...

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  • Oh how nice of her!

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