Sports Teacher

I have been a full time employee working in tech and my wife has been a teacher we’re in 30’s. I lost my job and my wife’s institute had an opening for a sports teacher, I got that job. But then with all these youngsters around in their tight and juicy body , I had to wear a tight underwear in the fear of erection. The students were teasing me or just their dress I was always h****. One afternoon right after gym, I was heading to the ground and saw my wife on the hallway. She winked at me and I couldn’t hold it anymore, we headed to the corner into the janitors room. My d*** melted in her mouth like a cheesy cream roll. We had amazing s**, may be because she was trying to keep her moaning quiet which made me h****. It went like this for couple of months until I came to know the janitor found out. He doesn’t know she’s my wife and ogles her as if she is a h**** milf. Just before covid he had given her an ass squeeze and she escaped him blushing.

Jun 11, 2020

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