I feel the need to strangle myself all the time
Every day I try to strangle myself with my bed sheets after my aids leave I don't know why but I like how it feels I perform self strangulation every night till I get very dizzy then I let go but I don't stop I just wait a little while and then do it all over again it's not for atenition or s** it makes me feel like i am geting the punishment I deserve for being me for being born for messing up my mommy s life and everyone else to



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  • America's finest. White woman wants attention. Snow Flake

  • Double posting and illiterate attention w****. Just go cut and moan about it like all of your doomed little classmates and friends!

  • I used to think I was crazy I loved to be choked I t wasn't sexual. I have a daddy who punishes me with choking me now. Sometimes to the point were I pass out. I do think you should tell someone or get help even if it's someone to choke you so you don't hurt yourself or kill yourself

  • Yeah please go get the help you should have.

  • You really need help and you really need HOPE. Email me.:
    Your life needs a change

  • You can't give out your email idiot. You could be a child molester. I'm reporting you right now.

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