I'm addicted to strangling myself

I am addicted to strangling myself
I need to strangle myself every day at least 4-8 x per day i have completely lost control of it to me it feels good I like how it feels when I get that presure on my neck slowly stopping me from breathing and then when I get dizzy enough I let up the presure very slowly so it last longer
God I really need to strangle myself right now but I can't my home health care aide is here and I have to wait until she leaves for the day then I can do it
I can't wait for her to go



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  • This junk again.

  • Another weirdo looking for attention.

  • This is like the third boring repetition of this bullshit 'confession.' If OP was that serious they would already be dangling from a doorknob

  • Try to use a method that you can't undo once you start. Try a noose on a tree with your hands tied together. moron

  • You're still able to type. Work harder at strangling yourself.

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