Please help me

I still feel the need to strangle myself to day the feeling is so strong I just have to give in and do it right now but I'm so scared of going to far with it plus I'm feeling a strong need to regress and the feeling is so strong that I may regress so far that I may never make it back to my adult self ever agen
Because I am alone and have no safe place for the regression to take place in and no one to help me to go through it so that frightens me a lot and I do need the help to not strangle myself and to fully regress with out going completely out of my mind

God I need help
And no one wants to help me
Iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii please help me to go through the regression don't leave me alone damb it to h*** I'm going completely out of control I need to strangle myself right now I need to be punished

Jun 13, 2020

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  • I know what its like to be in a place like that mate. The hopelessness of it all. I promise you the feelings of that will end I promise. Get professional help anyway you can post everywhere you can until someone who matters, maybe a charity maybe a mental health service, notices. Its gonna be alright mate. I promise. Look everywhere you can because I promise the answer is out there

  • The end is near!!! Repent,

    PS, WLBSyndrome is deadly and highly coronataigous

  • You have Whiny Little B**** syndrome. Sadly, there's no treatment, no vaccine, and no cure. So, your life will be s*** from now until you die.

  • Double posting and illiterate attention w****. Just go cut and moan about it like all of your doomed little classmates and friends

  • Please go find help. Professional help. Your stae will have mental health services available, many for free. Please don't continue to suffer alone. Please! Get a friend or family member to help get you into the system. People will want to help you. Just please let them try. Things are not as bad or as hopeless as they likely seem. Please seek help.

  • What! Girl bye

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