The Protest

I live in a large city and my friends are mostly theater guys with whom I went to HS. We went to check out the protests, because it was exciting and we were for it. As theater guys, we wanted to be a little dramatic.

I dressed in blackface, my buddy dressed in a cop outfit, and we re-enacted the George Floyd murder amidst the protesters, complete with my buddy's knee on my neck and everything. We even had a friend dressed in Indian garb banging a drum to make it a little more dramatic.

WTF is up with ANTIFA and the protesters? Can they not appreciate art? They swarmed us and tossed us into an industrial dumpster before we could even act out the finale to the story. It was making an artistic statement, people. We got out of the dumpster smelling like total filth. It even messed up my makeup. I'm still BLM but damn can someone appreciate doing it through art?



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  • soooo don’t understand what’s going on. Sigh

  • They probably understand, they just don't care because satisfying their pitiful little ego is much more important. Theater nerds are the most desperately insecure people on the planet, and a lot of the time they're not that smart.

  • Why???????????????

  • ???????

  • But cody wants blaine’s mom

  • Your fake ass story wasn't funny.

  • MAGAts notably lack a sense of humor and think bullying is funny. Except when it happens to them-- then it's all loud bitter tears and whining "WTF is up with {intelligent people who aren't me and are over my stupidity}?"

  • Nailed it!

  • Oof

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