Mark Twain .

Huckleberry Finn is a wonderful book , Mark Twain wasn't shy when it came to using the N word . Then there's Agatha Christie's Ten Little ** , set in ** Island (ficticious) , off the coast of Devon , England . There wasn't any politically correct nonsense back when those books were written . Also , how can it be wrong to say n****r , but ok to say Nigeria ? A name change on the way , Nigeria ?

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  • Retired now but when I taught literature to mostly black high school students I explained the historical context and the good works that Mark Twain did for the black cause throughout his life. We read orally in class and whenever the word came up the black students would say it with exuberance shouting ** Jim. We'd all chuckle and move on. We came to realize that Jim was the most true and noble person in the book. He was the only version of a real father Huck knew, yet he was seeking to find his wife and child in the ugly circumstances of slavery. Letting us know the unfair circumstances of black lives in history actually bonded the class because the depth of literary discourse opened doors to current racial views and all the students, now in their 50's still talk about the class when I happen to see them. It's really about the conversation and the ability to listen.

  • Are you black? I ask this because you have no idea what it was to be black then, nor what it is to be black now. That word isn't offensive because of its use in literature you moron, it is offensive because of the connotation given it by racists, prejudiced, and narrow minded ignorant bigoted people who committed and are still committing offenses whether blatant or hidden towards people simply because their skin tone is different.

  • It's high time blacks looked in the mirror before spouting off about "blatant or hidden offenses". In that situation, a non-black person can't move or speak without causing offense, because the black person is watching carefully for any excuse to turn any interaction into a race issue. Of course, if you DON'T move or speak, you're "ignoring" or "dismissing" them, so they'll act outraged about THAT.

    Race issues aren't going away any time soon, too many people are having way too much fun keeping them alive and well.

  • I can't help but feel like your anger is misplaced here. You've posted more of a pissy rant than a relevant response.

  • You have nailed it exactly! That's all they have is pissy rants. They love to scream about things that happened long before they were born, before even their grandparents were born, like it happened to them personally. And for some reason the rest of society lets them... for now. But if all they ever do is scream and cry and not try to be better individuals living in the present day, this ** will continue. Grow up or shut up, black people. Some of you get that, most of you don't.

  • You shouldn't been a teacher to black children.

  • Racist attitudes are a problem calling is.absolutely harmless. We need to lighten up.
    Why today are we so offended by words.alone ?
    I have many Brutish born coloured friends and all have a sense of humour and frequently joke among ourselves using language that many now would find offensive because we're not allowed to have a sense of humour anymore.
    I'll often walk in the office and greet my friend with " Morning ** '" or similar.
    Iqbal will reply " ** off you white **."
    It's a laugh we are good mates.
    Today I arrived to find my Irish boss James the office and greeted him with
    " Morning **." to which he replied
    " Shut the ** up or I'll put a bomb under your car , so I will !"
    When I was growing up we were taught
    " Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me."
    I wonder which delicate little darling I've offended with this post ! We'll see !

  • I totally disagree with you. Name calling is not absolutely harmless. It is one thing to have permitted or excused fun with your friends or acquaintances than using an offensive word directed at a stranger. You are saying it is ok for someone to come up to you and your wife and call her a ** in front of you without it bothering you. Nope, name calling does offend.

  • Politically correct moron. Like I said. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.
    NOBODY can make me feel inferior without my permission.
    I know who I am and don't give a flying ** what people think about me. Grow a pair you little girls blouse.

  • Good point. Hope the Goddess blesses you and you have a very happy holiday season in a few months. Since names can never hurt you, your name is now Mary, aka My B.itch. Got that, My B.itch?

  • Terrorist

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