To Parents, let your children go at age of 18-21 years old.

To parents, both deadbeats and extremely caring Parents, let your children go at the ages of 18-21 years old, don’t let them live with you in a extreme miserable state and severe Depression and whatever you do, don’t let them live with dependant siblings who will bring them down and make things much badder. If they runaway at the age of 18 years old. Than let them runaway, let them look forward to looking after themselves, so that you don’t have to look after them, let the police pick them up A thousand km away and put them in Juvenile detention, so that they will be taken care of by Corrections officials, because they might be safer in Juvie than with you or their adult siblings. Let your children go far away from you at the ages of 18-21 years old.

Jun 14, 2020

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  • American children are weak and dumb. I blame the parents

  • Everyone is different. Some kids need more support. A lot of parents are terrible parents and their kids need more time to become independent. Don't project your experience on everyone else. If the world were that simple, there would be no problems.

  • Yeah, a lot of parents are terrible parents. Why do you need training and a license to become a doctor or drive a car, but anybody can s*** out as many future human beings as they want with no oversight? Huh, so all that noise about how it's "the most important job in the world" is clearly bullshit, since literally anyone can do it. So until society comes to its senses and makes it so that only competent people are allowed to reproduce, projection is gonna happen. Deal with it.

  • At 21 I still had to ask my parents permission to do anything. If a boy asked me out, I had to direct them to my parents and the would say yes or no. The boys learned that and used to just go to my parents and I would be told that I was going on a date. My mom chose my clothes and everything.

  • My husband will often tell me to wear a certain short skirt. Way to short for my age.

  • Which means you will be nothing but your moms worthless p*** until you are old, weak pathetic, fat and no friends and no social skills or job skills just like with me and believe me you are gonna enjoy your ride through Heck ( h***) and high water.

  • Shut the "f" up who the f****** are you to pass any type of judgement on anyone . what you make thousands of 💲 a day ? You have ur whole life perfect.? Im going to say NO!!# i think ur parents really didnt like u to much so they left you on the steps of aaaaa i dont know w**** house ? Trap house ? Oh wait can you read ??? Good one more thing GO F****** UR SELF

  • My duty as a woman is to serve my husband

  • Nice try, incel

  • My wife lost her s** drive years ago. There is never any foreplay. I have asked her and she says it's her gift to me. I just say I would like s** and she pulls up her nightie, lies back and I f*** her.

  • Someone is mad and angry

  • I’m always mad and angry, you would feel the same way if you had to pay for somebody else’s mistakes Such as my Dad and brothers and even my Late mom who died so miserably, I should have been taken and rescued by foster care a long time ago, And believe me I wish to God and Jesus Christ that I was rescued by Foster care, than I will no longer be me, I would have had a new Name and identity by foster care workers. I’m always Angry that the System failed me.

  • Im sorry but hey you can get there just let go of all the past its hard to but if you want a differnt /better life you have to let go cuz its eating u up trust i am still letting go of my past its been years but im doin it and i belive in u

  • Seek God and Jesus Christ. And what do you mean "let" . as an adult we allow ourselves can get up and go - if you wanted too!? I don't know your situation. But seek the kingdom of God and all else follows

  • Where was God all those years he was paying for somebody else's mistakes? Your sky daddy isn't what you advertise, and you're an idiot.

  • Hey man, right there with you. I'm still learning how to deal with the raw fury that comes from falling between the cracks when you're young and vulnerable.
    You can show up dirty and bruised in clothes that don't fit and no so-called authority will do a thing. Although your classmates will make your life h*** for all of that.
    There were always kids acting out and getting the kind of attention they didn't want. I went the other way and became way too quiet, and in retrospect I kind of wish I hadn't. My parents were married, I didn't have a criminal record or any substance abuse issues, I could speak and write in complete sentences. So obviously I wasn't having any problems in life. Never mind that I smelled, was forced to wear clothing my mom thought was cool (but no one else did), and couldn't have a calm conversation with anyone my age.
    I'm managing as an adult, but for every step in society other people take to move forward, I have to take six and do a side shimmy. It's exhausting.
    This is already a textwall, and even though I could add a lot more to it, I just wanted to say... right there with you, man.

  • This is the exact kind of thing that neither racists nor the Black Lives Matter side want to listen to. People like us DO know what it's like to live in fear of our lives just for existing. But because we're white, no one wants to hear it. So the blacks don't get any support from me. I'm not against them, but I will never be for them as long as they think they're the only ones who have ever suffered. Many of them have no clue what people like us have endured.

  • Therapy!

  • For people like you... Bullets!

  • Many years ago, coming up to my senior prom I was worried that I did not have a girlfriend to take. I was kind of middle of the road kind of guy who did guy things like play football and ride my bike and watch TV but totally naïve when it came to girls. Went to church I guess because that's what we did as a family. I remember having a conversation with someone and talking about how I did not know what to do. The next thing I know I am lined up to take this girl from church. I'd seen her around and said a few words to her but really didn't know her but she was nice. We went to the prom and it was nice to have a partner to dance with and not feel like the total awkward guy. Didn't think much about her until a few years later came home from college and realised after a while she wasn't around the church. Asked around and eventually someone told me she had run away.

    I tracked her down and found she'd moved out west to a small town. gotten a boyfriend and was pregnant. Had a eye opening conversation.

    Turned parents super strict and used to use the cane on her. The rod of correction. A lot. Raised welts and bruises that would take weeks to heal.

  • In the years leading up to that point, maybe actually parent them so they stand a chance of functioning in the real world. They need to learn how to live in the world, not the other way around!! They need to learn that actions have consequences. (A lot of so-called adults need to learn that one too.) They need to know how to make their own way and not p*** off everyone else doing it.

    The reason why there are so many "children" who are of legal voting/driving age is NOT BECAUSE OF THE ECONOMY. It's because for the last ~30Y there's been a trend of child worship, not child parenting. Kids living in Mommy's basement are there because they're sad that they don't have a 2000ft square house and a six-figure salary at age 22 and think that's barely scraping by. To them I say: Congratulations, now that you're an adult (at least chronologically), you get to be the parent to yourself that your real parents refused to be. That's gonna be a lot of work, so you may have to focus on that instead of IG or TikTok once in a while.

    Good luck and stay the f*** out of MY way, kids.

  • Millennials can blame the economy and chant about student loans all they want, but most of the real problem comes from them insisting on acting like children while demanding to be treated like adults. Grow up and *earn* that respect! If you are so much smarter than your parents and everyone else who came before you, that should be easy.

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