Male virgin looking for a sexting buddy

I’m a 16 year old virgin, the reason being is because of my small c*** (5 inches), I just don’t have enough confidence. So I’m looking for a sexting buddy (female) who doesn’t mind my size and wants to exchange nudes and even some videos. If anyone is interested, my kik username is AReins_
Also, I'm not judgmental at all when it comes to girls, I don’t care about your weight, ethnicity, etc. I don’t care, I’m just really h****.



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  • How about sexting a big d*** male who wants a small d*** sissy boy to dress up and f***?

  • Sorry man but this isn't really not the place to postbox that linen of thing, there are a tonne of really f***** up people on this site. I'm not well versed on those sorts of sites, but advertising there probably would be a lot safer.

  • F*** me I hate spellcheck sometimes!

    *sn't really not the place to post that kind of thing

  • Would like to see my wifes big T*** she will ride that 5 inch

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