Impregnate my ovulating fiancé

My fiancee is ovulating right now I'm about to have unprotected s** with her and purposely not pull out. The thought of breeding her makes me so hard. She gets so h**** while ovulating and I love it when she begs for my c**. The thought of making her a real woman turns me on so much. Her cervix will be covered in my c** very soon

Jun 14, 2020

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  • I knocked up my brother's wife 4 times on ten years. He could not get the job done and she wanted babies. We have always been super tight and has confessed to me she married the wrong brother. She prefers s** with me. I love my brother but he seems to be a minute man in bed. She never c*** with him.

    With me I f*** her until she can barely walk. I love her, and want her to marry me.

  • If it's your wife and you both want children. It's wonderful you find that joyful as some fear it. However if you're trying to impregnate her because she doesn't want children then you should maybe rethink the relationship and damaged morals that procure

  • She does want children, It would be breaking the law if i was trying to impregnate her if she didn't want one. I'm sure that's called stealthing and is a criminal offence and classed as sexual assault in the UK

  • She's your fiance.. you can and should!

  • 21 years of child support I it's way d*** head!

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