I got this problem

I have this problem and it need to be solved. Why yo Mexicans come to this country and do nothing. The women are ugly and hideous. You broads look like men. And the men are weak links. Learn to speak english. I'm tired of you idiots coming into my business trying to play the dumb act, I can't speak english. Cut it out. You know you can speak english. I know you know how to speak American green dollars. We Americans are not dumb. Stop being lazy and contribute to this country and respect the flag.

Jun 15, 2020

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  • You know they protect them. They steal and rape

  • I don't know why you protecting those non English speaking rapists. You should be worry about being slaves to the China man

  • Me no worry bout no one who no can speakee good English

  • Hello business owner, I am not offended by your comments regarding illegal/legal immigrants coming to the USA, but instead, I find these words as an encouragement to continue my growth in my adopted country that has provided me with countless opportunities. Unfortunately, you are classifying several countries under a Mexican category which displays your knowledge about geography. Trust me I know several "Mexicans" that are hard-working and who are part of the upper class and have succeeded in life. As a business owner you can refuse service any individual, perhaps you can voice your discontent by refusing to collect money these the immigrant community unless you believe this decision will have a negative economic impact for you. Not all of us have a low paying job. Some of us have the will to adapt and be successful. But I do understand that a high population of immigrants are reluctant to adopt to the customs, language and fabric of the USA society.
    Please be safe and God bless the USA.
    Truly yours,
    A W****** American from a country other than Mexico.

  • Man be quiet. Stop being a TRAITOR!

  • I am awaiting new confessions I am done and bored with your s***

  • You will be waiting for a long time.

  • Some of the best ass I have ever gotten is from Latina women. They love to s****. I really don't care if they are illegal aliens, wetbacks or undocumented. P**** is p**** and p**** knows no borders.

  • Ur a so stupid hope you get a std

  • You can't talk.... Idiot

  • Do nothing? Who the f*** do you think is picking all of those fruits and vegetables you eat. Mexicans making slave wages you a******

  • Get a education you dumb Mexican. Oh I forgot you can't speak English. Damn your mom and dad are dumb

  • You stupid son of a b****. Did your mom drop you on your head when you were a baby? I can’t believe someone can be as f****** stupid as you. I bet you bite your own toe nails off and live in a piece of f****** s*** trailer and your whole family f**** eachother.

  • What did you say. Did you get off the that little yellow school bus.

  • "Get a education." Dear god, the irony...
    And which language is that up there? Oh right, English.
    You didn't HAVE a mom and dad. You invaded the human race after being crapped onto a windshield.

  • God. Idiot. The G should be capitalized. Show some respect

  • Doesn't have to be if they don't believe in YOUR god, fool. Now go find a safe space and cry about it!

  • Wow you suck on sooooll many levels "safe space" u d***

  • Great comeback, you really showed them


  • You will be dead in 2 days. Satan told me

  • It's 2 days later and I'm still here. Satan's head is in a sack on my belt. What's your address?

  • You will not get my children.

  • How many are you up to at this point? 30? 500? Nothing a can of Raid can't fix.

  • My God Chester. You are dirty molester. Your white children be sucking too many big black c****. How many??? About 30 or 500. Give or take. I'm not buying or selling.

  • Daughter was tagteamed

  • It was your daughter

  • On my God. Are you a Mexican are you offended. Did I offend you. Well I'm not sorry. Leave me alone and drink some acid

  • No. We will not leave you alone until you run away crying. You're already crying, so you should just run away now.

  • " runaway go cry" are you 5yrs old ? U people are being so f u c king stupid " so you should just run away now " ohhhh good one . ur a cheap w**** arent u ?

  • Omg omg ur stupid omg kslfjjdfju omg

    Are you working THAT hard at sounding like a retard3d teenage girl? You nailed it, you don't have to work so hard...

  • No smart remarks? Nothing disjointed or mentally unstable to misspell? You slippin', boy.

  • There has never been a Mexican as lazy as your racist f****** mind. Decent humans with as little self respect as yourself just work on their flaws. You are obviously too lazy to come to terms with your self hatred so you try to p*** it off on others. Grow the f*** up. Deal with idiot in your mirror an learn how to life like a decent human being. Quit being a worthless sack a dog s***.

  • I am totally embarrassed to be an American with Groper Bonespurs as chief buffoon and the Deplorables voting for him. This country has gone downhill and Groper has made America Hate Again. We are witnessing before our eyes the decline of a formerly great country.

  • I'm a Mexican and proud to be one. I don't give a damn about your flag. I'm not American and don't care to be one. How about you respect me and my Mexican culture.

  • " i dont give a damn about your flag" what jelly much cuz mexico can afford to make one .LMAO. Rancho b****

  • Shut the F****** up and get the f****** out of america . why are you here anyways u w******

  • I'm not going to respect that culture. All you Mexicans are rapists.

  • Whats a matter seems like your moma was raped and s*** happened (you were born)

  • Yeah your uncle raped her and gave her AID$.

  • We white hates you mexicans. You coming over polluting our country. But you don't contribute a dime here. Why are you??? Can you answer me? What is your purpose?. Or do you have a purpose. Your women are ugly maids. And never will do nothing but keep bring all these muts on this earth. And we Americans have to foot the bill. You do rape white women. We know you do. That's all you do. That's what mom and dad taught you. Respect our flag of get out of our country.

  • You are a low life ass hole

  • Dumb Mexican. Please leave. You are hurting me.

  • Blame the Chinks

  • Good. Keep hurting!

  • You are hurting white women by raping them.

  • You are hurting the rest of humanity by existing.

  • And you are not human

  • Congrats my non friend. You deserve the American dream

  • It's all good here, bro. We're humans before all else.

  • America has no respect this is coming from a fellow Canadian saying pull it together

  • In canadia you guys just passed a law allowing people to merry your pets ?? Dog fuckerss

  • You Canadians are scared of Trump.

  • Private Commrad BoneSpur s***** and Pissy Pants is nothing but human garbage, just like you. Id take your head off and s*** down it if I es there asswhipe.

  • Boy shut up. You killing me

  • Good. Die.

  • You go first

  • No one's killing ME, because I'm worthwhile. Shut up and finish dying

  • Why did you leave 666 down south.

  • Why should we be? It's Americans who have to live with him. It looks like one of those households with an autistic teenager, where everyone's running around trying not to make the tardmo angry-- but he always is, always!

  • Why you Canadians keep coming to America. Y'all smell like dog p*** 😂 😂

  • Are you capable of typing anything besides "Why you ______ keep coming to America"? Are you simple? Have you been hit on the head recently? Were your parents siblings?

  • Where is your parents. Wait a minute you were born from a monkey

  • What a stunning and illuminating reply. :)

  • Shut up be quiet

  • Nope

  • Boy just shut up. Whitey your time is up and over. No more power for you

  • You never had any to begin with, because r3tards don't have power

  • Sorry about all the idiots down here. I promise we're not literally all that way, but the dumb ones are always, ALWAYS the loudest ones.

  • There are several right here in this thread. It should be legal to kill them and improve humanity as a species

  • Especially the tardmo who desperately needs to say something, but never says anything intelligent!

  • You are not intelligent

  • He literally has nothing else in his life, as you can see

  • Your life is over. Any your time is up karen. No more calling the popo

  • I agree you have a problem.

    It's probably just not the problem you think you have.

  • I believe you have a problem. Go back to school. And learn something for some spare change.

  • This is the truest statement I've seen all day!!

  • I don't think so. You sound like you a follower not a leader. You will fall for anything.

  • You don't think, period. You just make noise and think it's significant somehow.

  • Dumb Mexican

  • You're one of the ones this world would not miss if you ended up dead tomorrow.

  • You are dead tomorrow. So dont for God to save you

  • Still here, madafaka. Happy and comfortable, which you clearly are not. Show off your jealousy by saying something stupid :)

  • You still here. Go again.

  • Satan can't kill me, and no one can send me where I refuse to go. Keep crying, your tears are like wine xD

  • You are going to H3LL. Don't worry God will not interfere with your trip to Satan

  • Delicious tears.............

  • Well, I have a problem with native born people who aren't so good with English either. So stop being dumb and lazy and contribute something to your country besides sniveling and pork rind fumes. (P.S.: Fvck the flag. Either you give a s*** about the person standing next to you or you're not an American. What part of "United" is too difficult for you to comprehend?)

  • "sniveling and pork rind fumes" LOLOL

  • Well then, f*** you you un-American piece of s***! We don't have to give a damn about calling illegals "Americans" as they never were Americans in the first place libturd!

  • Lol, it's always easy to tell when you've made a MAGAt cry (which is also easy): blubbering about bein' un-American, and the thought-free go-to, "libturd"! (Definition: Anyone who can complete a sentence without spelling errors and shows evidence of an IQ higher than their shoe size.) Keep crying, baby! LOL

  • Hahaha liberal.How's CHAZ working out for you? Maybe you can bring those illegals to live there and enjoy the fruits of your " summer of love"!

  • Like the vast majority of the rest of the country, I live nowhere near CHAZ and that's working out great for me, thanks for asking. You lowlifes are so inbred that you're incapable of understanding that not everyone who actually thinks is a liberal. Summer of Love-- what a ret@rd!! And an OLD one too, going by your outdated cultural reference.

  • I crossed over the border with a s**-visa, I mean, two guards f***** my 15 yo p**** so well to allow me entry into US. They say, they love Mexican p**** and my small t***. I work as a housemaid, have almost regular s** with my housemaster for the last five years in exchange of god pay. I am not good in English but know my work well! Recently, he is not much interested in his 40 yo wife and I have good lesbian s** with her as he watches us doing it ...

  • You sound like a typical Mexican puta, I’ve had a few lick my ass and then I would come all
    Over their faces and t***. They wanted a green card but got c** instead.

  • Not all of them are Mexicans, many of them are Immigrants from further south, just because you come from South of the border, does not mean you are Mexican, in fact many of them prefer to stay in Mexico, because the Mexican officials talk them into staying in Mexico. And they all don’t sneak across the border, they go straight to ICE and try to get in legally, sometimes waiting for days in Mexican immigration camp to await word from ICE if they can immigrate legally with a Visa and even come across to the U.S to speak with USCIS, if all else fails, than they come to the United States the hard way, by sneaking across through the most dangerous desolate deserts with only 4 or 5 gallons of water and risk their life’s for a better life in the United States.

  • A better life in america. N**** pleeeeeaaaasssse!

  • What life. No life in america. You dig

  • I dig

  • We dig. A hole. For YOU. lol

  • I all already dug a pit for you. Now do you dig?

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