I Want My Girlfriend’s Mom

I want my girlfriend’s mom. I fantasize about her and have been doing so since I was 11. I have known my girlfriend’s mom since my girlfriend and I were kids. She had my girlfriend young and is only about 13 years older than me. She is a beautiful white woman. She has the most beautiful brown hair and I love how she keeps it cut short. She has the most beautiful light brown eyes. Sometimes, I get lost in those eyes. She has the most beautiful b****** (41ddd) and the softest and roundest ass. She’s kinda short and kinda round but so f****** sexy. Growing up, my girlfriend and I were always just friends. I developed a major crush on her mother. All throughout puberty I would dream of making love to her. Back in the day, I use to listen to her in the bathroom and try to imagine her naked. I loved smelling her chair after she got up. It was like that was the only way to be intimate with her. As I grew older, I tried to ignore my feelings for her. I love my girlfriend deeply, but I want her mother. I find myself raiding her mother’s hamper and smelling her dirty panties. I love laying her panties and bras on her bed and masturbating and busting my nut on them. Recently, she let me brush some dirt off her ass (she got some dust on her sweatpants). Gosh, it was so soft. Her body is to dream about. Even her toes are beautiful and suckable. I want to give her my BBC so bad. She walks around everyday with these tight sweatpants on that give her these amazing ass and p**** camel toes. Sometimes I can even make out her p**** lips. Her ass even swallows her panties and you can make out how her entire ass looks. Her ass cheeks be bursting through her sweatpants. Sometimes I want to just walk behind her and press my c*** against her ass like she use to let me do back in the day. Sometimes, she walks around her house with her hard nipples pressing through her shirt. One day, she held a conversation with me in her dinning room with her hard nipples pressing through her nightshirt. She made sure they were visible to me. I just want to have her one time. I have left her notes and erased them. I have sent her messages on social media and deleted them. Sometimes I rub my c**k fantasizing about her leaving her cellphone unlocked with naked pictures of her up so I can f**k myself to her. Ugh, how I long for my girl to just say “f**k my mother and get it out your system.” I know it’s wrong and it’s embarrassing but if you walked in these shoes you’d feel the same.

Jun 15, 2020

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  • No new confessions.

  • It could be the end??

  • Keep repeating yourself?? And making everything a question?? It makes you sound like a ret@rd??

  • He keeps on repeating himself. Over and over. Keeps on repeating.

  • I was in the reverse position. I had been secretly l****** for my mother's boyfriend since I was in middle school. But I could not get him to make a move on me, even though he knew I was ripe to pick. Finally, after years of his rejection, I went and rented room at a cheap motel near our house. I stripped in the room, got on the bed, jammed my fist up my c***, took a selfie of it, and texted it to him with the invitation, "If you REALLY wanna party, baby, come to Room 212 at the Sullivan Courts. I know you've wanted this as long as I have . . . . . . . . . . . . COME GET IT!!" Well, he came and he got it, and he's still getting it. We "dated" in secret for awhile, but then I blew up their relationship and now he only goes for me (I made my mother off limits) and eventually we will get married and have a family. Sweet!

  • I understand completely and I support you all the way in your plans: I actually think they are totally wonderful. I have been having superlust for my stepdad HARD for over a year and I keep begging God to send him to me one night in my bed. He is so f****** fine he makes me finger f*** both my holes like a f****** maniac and I can't f****** stop. I even go in the girls room at school and at church and finger thinking about him. I know your supposed to give the guy the cunny first, but if he wanted to get in my s*** first, I would totally give it to him. Wouldn't you ? ?

  • Sorr

  • Yes I would give that up first if a man wanted it first so believe that you should go for it.

  • I feel the same. In fact, a few years ago I was starting to date a married guy and we had actually talked about what our physical relationship would be like before we even went out. One of the things we both said was missing from our marriages was super hot a***, so we agreed long before we ever even went out that the first thing we would do together was a*** and we agreed that it should be especially messy and we both wanted it to be smelly: he wanted it smelly because it was part of his kink, and I wanted it smelly because I despised his wife and I wanted her to know that he'd gotten what she never would give him from someone else and I planned to tell her later that every time she smelled s*** on him it was mine. I also wanted her to eventually know that any time she touched his d*** she was touching a d*** that had been covered in my s***. I wanted to hurt her. And I did.

  • Remind her that black men have d*** bigger than a god and they F*** twice as hard with it. No white women -- especially if they married to white men -- can ever resist the BBC. Pull it out and dangle it at her and you'll be gold. GOLD!!!

  • You are right about that. I’m 48, been married to my hubby for 24 years now. He is hung for a White man. He is 7.5 inches long and a girth of about six inches. I married him because he was the best d*** I ever had.

    That is till this Morhers Day weekend. My son had some friends over. These two boys he used to run track with. They were on the same relay team at school and in summer track together for years. I watched these twin boys become young men.

    And boy are they men! Long story short they caught me watching them skinny dip in our pool. We have been f****** as often as we can since. They are huge! They make my hubby seem tiny.

    I taught them how to eat out a lady and take it slow. They taught me how much I love black c*** and how it feels to be f***** hard in every hole and every way possible.

    I love it when it works out when I have time with the twins right before my hubby comes home from work. He loves to eat p****. We always start with a p**** eating session. It’s soo hot having him eat my p**** right after the twins leave. Knowing he is eating their c** is sooo hot. It’s happened 3 times since then. He’s asked me why I have been sooo wet. I tell him this CoViD stuff makes me h**** and I can’t wait till he comes home from the office.

    Problem is with the rates spiking in Texas they closed his office down again. Now he is working from home again.

    No more big, beautiful, black c***. Now I have to settle for my husband.

    It’s good but not the same

  • What a f*****' hot story!!! Tell us about yourself. Do you have bushy p****? Have you done DP?? How long do the kids f*** you each?? You must have a whale of a time with four hands and two c**** working on you!!! Wow, you are one f****** lucky woman. Enjoy while you can. Life is short. If you got solid d****, get your c*** plowed hard. Later in life, when you are in your 80s, you will have something awesome to recall. Tell us in great detail about the whole f****** experience. I'm dying to know.

  • Well, sorry that I have not replied sooner. My husband started working in the office a few days a week again (thank God). And the twins have decided to attend the local community college so they are still in town.

    When my hubby is at work they come over for some MILF’n time as they call it. The say I’m the mother they LOVE to F***. They are so funny. Little do they know they are my CIC (C**** I Crave).

    Last week we were messing around by the pool when my husband came home for lunch. He never comes home for lunch. So it was quite a surprise when he walked outside and I was kneeling on the sun shelf of the pool with one BBC in my mouth and the other up my ass. I was a mess. I was in the middle of an o***** and had c** dripping from my p****, ass and mouth. The twins wanted to do DP. I never had done it before. It was quite intense. I promised who ever came first I would suck them off while the other reached e**********. That is how we ended up in that position.

    I was surprised that my husband just stood there and watched. When the boys were not phased. They continued to f*** me till they finished. Then they got dressed and went home.

    Then I went to the bathroom to clean up but my husband did not let me shower. He said that he always knew he married a w**** and now he was going to f*** me like a cheap w****.

    He made me deep throat his c*** while he f***** my face then he pounded my p**** and ass. It was AMAZING.

    He made me promise not to do that again. But little does he know the twins come over at least twice a week and Although I love my husband there is nothing better than have those two BBCs inside me.

  • Once you black you can't go back......

  • That's a myth

  • Not hardly its not

  • Honey, you wish. Black c**** are gods gift to womankind!

  • They are certainly god's gift to THIS woman. If all I could get were white men, my life wouldn't be worth living!!

  • Sure, sure.

  • RIP to the web master, I shall look forward to meeting you in the next life.

  • They are most certainly not on top of things here

  • Yes maybe a****** is dead

  • Who dead now?

  • No one was talking to you. Shut it

  • OP: went back and checked. She is actually 44DDD 😭. I want her so bad.

  • Fuc k her daughter right in front of her and lick her c*** with a door wide open...look at the mom when she is hiding and watching you two fuckking

  • Send her pics of your d*** with yer panties hanging off lol. Sure every white girl fantasizes bout a BBC.

  • OP: I have thought about that many times. I’m sure she’d show it to my girlfriend. I did send her a freaky message when I was much younger.

  • For me, it's my GF's Aunt Colie (short for Nicole). She's in her late 30s, but already on her fourth marriage. Apparently, she's cheated in every man she's ever been with, so I'm hopeful she'll follow through on all the flirting she and I have been doing since I started dating my GF about four months back. After I first met Nicole, she told me n private "when they introduced us, Rob, my f****** womb started twitching . . . . what do tou think THAT means, darling?? " followed by the nost lascivious smile I ever saw. Now, whenever we're together she flashes that smile and look down and touches her lower abdomen. If we ever find ourselves alone in a room, she will grab her crotch and say "my womb, . . . my womb . . . my womb!!!! You got me clicking like a f******. Geiger Counter you bigdick b******!!!" Or else she will whisper to me that "we need to start making babies" or "I neeeeed your BABY you auntie f*****!!!" And when she smokes she always exhales right at me or blows me smoky kisses. We have made out like eleven times and it probably will go further. It certainly goes further in my fantasies and wet dreams. Usually when a girl starts talking about babies I run away. But when SHE does it, the way she does, I get hard.

  • Tell her every chance you get that you have loved her and lusted for her since you were ELEVEN! It will please her to know that you have been drawn to her and aching for her fo so long. We women love to know that young boys long for us and m********* while thinking of us. I've actually made love to more than one such guy who told me how he had felt ...... after he was of age, of course (I'm not sick, or stupid) and it was a joy to "make his dreams c** true".

  • You sound amazing. I wish my girlfriend’s mom thought like you. I told her last year that I had a crush on her, thus confirming what she always thought, but I think we both love her daughter so much that we don’t want to see her hurt. Like I said before, I love them both deeply....just differently.

  • It is possible to love more than one person. I love my wife and I also love my sister. In an ideal world I would have both of them!

  • I have the feeling that your relationship with the mother is going to be a thing of perfect beauty, a source of light and heat. And it sounds like she is still young enough to bear your children. I hope the two of you can begin working toward that goal even before you marry her. Best wishes, my man!

  • Tell her you want to breed her.

  • I do want to breed her. I told her last year that I doc have a crush on her growing up. So, she knows but I feel like she is continuing to hold the line. I know I should too but she is so d**n sexy! I want her raw and natural.

  • Hi OP,
    Don't worry about mushy stuff like 'love.' What you want is p****!! If the mom is willing, go for it. F*** her real hard, eat her out, and make her happy. I bet she won't tell her daughter, if you're giving her huge o******. Just cover your tracks. Don't forget your girlfriend, though. Young c**** also have to be pounded. You are one lucky b******!! I wish I could be in your position. If your girlfriend has a sibling or a cousin, see if you can include her as well!!! That'll be swell!! Tell us how it goes.

  • OP: hey man. I am the exact same way. Most guys see s** as all about them. I love making the woman I am with just as satisfied as I am. I never worry about satisfying my needs until I am sure she is satisfied. Then, I pound the f**ck out of her p***y. It’s just that now I want to satisfy the mom just as much as I do the daughter.

  • I'm a 46f and I just wanted to express my deepest appreciation for the responding poster above who made a point of encouraging the OP to "make her happy". That is from a rare man who understands how --- and how often --- to please a woman. The vast majority of men think of s** as a way to simply please themselves, with no regard whatsoever for their partner. Yes, most men live their entire lives without realizing that they'd have far better s** --- and much more if it --- if they would spend more time focusing on their partners instead of themselves. So to whoever wrote the phrase "make her happy", you are a REAL MAN, and I would surely f*** you anytime, anywhere. (And I don't care if you're married: that is NEVER an obstacle for women like me. Just FYI, reading your very sensitive and very mature note got me VERY wet. It's very rare to encounter a man who truly understands women.

  • OP: Thank you. Your comment really struck me and I greatly appreciate it. My girlfriend’s mom is 42 so she is not to much younger than you. I have always said I loved them both...just differently. I want to see them both happy. If I could, I would make them both happy. I find myself often trying to in a non sexual way but I find myself wanting that deep connection with the mom too. Just FYI, I enjoyed reading your comment also. I enjoy mature women that know what they want. Reading your comment made me just as hard as mine made you wet.

  • Hi, I'm the guy who encouraged the guy to make his MIL happy!! You are dead right. I firmly believe that all men should focus on their women's happiness. I always do! I take my time to eat her out to her heart's content. My tongue is as good as my d***. I spend a huge amount of time on foreplay, on talking to her, making her feel special, complimenting her for all that she is. Then, I take my time to f***. Throughout, my whole aim is to make HER happy so that she craves for more. You are a kindred soul!!! I'm hard after reading your post. Get in touch with me. Give me your contact. Let's get in touch. I bet you will not regret it. Yours fondly, pussylover!!!

  • Since you truly do love the mother, I assume you want her to feel the same way about you, so by ALL means "make her happy". In every way. All the time.even before you start bedding her, be doing thing for her that she will find pleasing. I'm talking about smallgifts. Candy, music, books and so forth. Let her know by doing things for her and bringing things to get that you are always thinking of her. Then when you have her in bed make it clear that your whole reason for living is to satisfy her sexual desires. All of them. Let her know you don't want to shre. Tell her constantly, "I want ALL of this". I always fall in love with men who make the relationship all about me. Make her love you!

  • OP: I have been doing that since I was 11 years old. The problem is that we are all traditional so that line we all are afraid to cross.

  • I love eager wet women

  • It sounds like some one’s p**** is burning hot here Which happens as non has sucked up the accumulated juice of such p***** hence this one needs to be killed immediately

  • Huh?

  • Mood my friend

  • "Killed"???? Why???!!?????

  • Don't get it either............

  • Ok just wanted to say I would like to fuckk her..make sense now

  • I'm just 23f, but I concur with the lady offering thanks: men would get way more loving if they followed her advice!

  • I'm so glad you do. I'm the original guy who asked the OP to make his MIL happy. I truly believe in it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I take a lot time to make my women happy. Each b*** gets a lot of attention, tender sucking, fondling, and massage. Eating p**** in a leisurely manner is another thing I do well. My goal is to get the woman to o***** several times before I enter her. Once I get to f******, I'm very imaginative. I make sure she is comfortable with what I do and likes it. Throughout, I'm complimenting her on her looks and thank her for giving me her p****. If you like this, give me your contact info. I promise you, I can make you very happy while being VERY RESPECTFUL of your desires and choices. I hope to hear from you soon.

  • When I was in HS 25yrs ago I got my gf's mother pregnant. I was thrilled (and proud), but she freaked the eff out and went got an abortion. I wanted us to try for another baby afterwards --- and keep it (even if we had to pretend it was her husband's child), but she broke off the relationship. She even made her daughter stop dating me because she was afraid I'd knock her up. The mother and I started up again later on but it didn't last because then I started having an affair with her boss from her work, who was 57yo and superfilthy. They got so jealous off each other but there was no way - -- NO WAY -- I was going to get off the boss. She was too dirty to quit f****** her. I sure would of stayed on her but her husband got transferred for his own job and they moved off away.

  • When I was growing up I dated an older lady friend of my moms and she was dirty too. She gave me so many of my "firsts" I lost count. First handjob. First b******. First intercourse. First F*** in a bed., first in a car, first in an elevator. First a*** s**. First golden shower. First red parade. She even hooked me up with her own sister, who became my "second" in nearly all those categories, plus my first hot chocolate shower and my first (and only) "Greek Kiss". Damn, those older broads are amazing!!!


  • I think the "red parade" is actually a reference to what is usually most often called a "Rose" Parade. It's a convenient coopting of the New Years Day event, used as shorthand to describe a woman pulling out her tampon while poised over her male partner, in anticipation of being penetrated by him and then allowing her menstrual juices to flow down onto his genitals or abdomen. It lets her man know "you own this hole and nothing will keep you from getting in it." It's dirty but it's beautiful. Roses, indeed!

  • Don't let this chance go! Look at her nipples intently! Compliment on her t***!! Hug her tight while leaving. Tell her you find her attractive!! Hit on her hard. She will let you f*** her, trust me!! Or else, she wouldn't do what you've described. F*** her hard. Suck her hard. She will love it. Tell us in detail.

  • Yes yes in great detail XD

  • Yeah..........please more details!!!! :)

  • I guess she is now in her prim age of physical development in all forms. You say that she walks around her house with her hard nipples pressing through her shirt and that she made sure they were visible to you. Positive signals no doubt, you should have shower praise on what you have watched. She will get aroused to invite attention ore. Try next time....

  • Original Poster: I wanted to but my girlfriend was sitting with me. Started to feel awkward when my girl started noticing her mom’s nipples. The next time I was over there, mom was wearing bras under her night shirt and it’s been like that every since. I love them both in different ways and I don’t want either of them to be hurt. I don’t want to lose my girlfriend but I also want to have access to her mother.

  • You have to find an opportunity to express your feeling about her, and if positive, she will find a way to be alone with you. You both need to have a breakthrough and then proceed accordingly. I love having s** with my MIL and my wife does not know anything about it yet. Thanks to one of her single friends in her mid-40s who allows us to use her home when needed.

  • Imagine cheating on your gf with her mom

  • OP: I do. I c** in her panties all the time.

  • Original Poster: I have and my desire for her mother is getting stronger and stronger.

  • What would you do if your girl friend cheated on you

  • Original Poster: we have often fantasized about having different partners.

  • Dear sweet mother of god thats hot AF!!!

  • I believe that in reality you love the mother more.

  • OP: So what should I do?

  • You. must start ""courting" her. Flowers, candy, jewelry, lingerie, soap and more lingerie! It has to be anonymous, of course, and you'll have to get it to her in a way that isn't evident to anyone else that she is even receiving it. You cannot embarrass her: let her find or open them in private, without her husband or children or friends seeing or knowing. No one else should know that she's even being pursued. You're going to have to be stealthy and smart. And you'll have to resist the temptation to tell her or give her hints that you are her admirer, and it may be months before you disclose your identity. But if you want this woman, if you love her as much as it appears you do, then all of the time, andall the energy, and all the money (you are going to be spending a LOT of money on her: don't scrimp!!l), will totally be worth it. Get to work on this joyous new project, my friend!!

  • Ditto here i think so too..

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