Not good enough to be with him. He's now so small, ripped, and happy. I'm happy for him. I exercise and my body makes me wind up in the hospital, even if done right. My body's system flares up with exercise, and now I can barely eat any foods. I eat few foods only through a tube now. Despite this, my body won't lose the weight. I don't know what to do. I'm afraid he will leave cause I'm not a 9 like him. I'm too ashamed to be intimate because of this. Even though he doesn't fat shame me, he calls attention to anyone else who has any meat on their bones now, even if they're a normal size. It makes me think he secretly thinks that way of me or worse. We've fought so long and hard to stick together in this relationship, but I feel like he will leave eventually because of my body. I feel like I have no control, I've let him down, and I only want to hide.

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  • When other people dose not say anything about you, but much about them
    God bless

  • When you are hungry did you ever ask your food ok food are ya ready to be eaten ? No i guess not. Enough of teenage drama. Teach her a lesson and enjoy your meal

  • What do you even mean?

  • Sorry wrong post by bad

  • Then the heck with him! You have medical conditions and being feed by a tube means it is a serious problem and that for weight loss. Take care of yourself and if he can't love you for who you are then thats his loss.

  • I ment to say a feeding tube is not for weight loss. typo sorry

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