Raven symone married a white women

That Cosby Show actress married a white women. What an abomination. She should married a man. What is wrong with that black woman, is she crazy? A black woman should not deal with white women period. I am racist and proud. With this George Floyd propaganda, she needs to rethink her actions. I hope she don't have children. She will be serving them an unjust life on this earth. I don't care what people think. The girl needs a black man in her life. I hate lesbians I think she is going thru the emotions. She needs guidance from the LORD. Christian people cannot tolerate this nonsense anymore. We as Christians are putting our foot down. Stop this madness right now. You are are destroying traditional marriage and destroying children's lives. These children are in danger. We need to protect them from this evil behavior. I don't support gay marriage. God made Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve. That black witch is disgusting for doing this. It's even worse with a dumb white woman. She is a grown woman and doing childish things in front of God. Both of them need to be punish. God is coming to destroy gay women.

Jun 20, 2020

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  • I know i can't believe a beautiful white European would marry a fugly black american shebeast! You people are fug Shenene. Tomika, Tarnmisha, Jamila, latifah hahahahaha! ew Gross!

  • We should never have abolished slavery. We should have used you for our labour and sent you packing back to sh!thole africa where you BELONG! You are not fit to live in this country Get OUT! Blacks are vile violent criminals who commit 70 percent of crime you make ameria a third world country without blacks it would be beautiful and peaceful like Europe. You are also fat and ugly and make up a majority of the obesity problem. You are gross stop culturally appropriating white women. Jealous a*******. She beasts blacks aren't even human.

  • Be careful before i drag your ass behind my car.

  • Go f*** yourself you hideous black JEALOUS Shebeast. OF course all black women and black men want white women. We are beautiful YOU are disgusting. Accept the Truth. George Floyd was a druggie a rapist and a violent criminal. he got what he deserved so will you. 88 percent of this country is sick of your black antics b****!

  • She lookin to marry into that white privilege

  • She is attractive she doesn't look like an ugly n*****. Black women are the ugliest . NO such thing as a pretty black woman. Raven suimone is mixed which is why she is cute-not gorgeous but ok looking. Her wife is so beautiful!

  • The last several incidents going back to Brown all stemmed from illegal behavior, you mentioned George Floyd.... The cops were there because he was trying to pass counterfeit bills. Had he not been doing something illegal the cops would never had bothered him.

  • Abomination

  • I am happy for her and her wife.

    There is nothing sexier than making love with someone from another race. It’s soo exotic.

    It was soo amazing when I had my first black man (well two at once) this May. As a 49 year old white woman married to a well hung white man it was amazing. It was so amazing to watch that big black c*** go into my p****. It was also amazing to suck on one as I was being f***** hard from behind.

    I like a little girl;girl time as well and I am searching for a black woman to share with my hubby

  • You said black woman. Leave them alone. Anger issues

  • No anger issues. I find them beautiful. I find black c*** amazingly perfect for my p****. It’s soo beautiful to watch that bbc enter my body.

    I want to watch my hubby’s 8 inch white c*** enter a black woman. I love watching him f*** other women but never a black lady

  • They are ugly as F*** and you are stupid as f*** to "share your hubby." LOser!

  • Bill Cosby touch little Raven in the wrong place. And now she likes vanilla pudding pie. How not creamy

  • I can't relate to this gay propaganda too

  • Wow you are a bigot

  • Why are you a bigger bigot????

  • Are you in preschool? Learn how to defend your argument like an intelligent adult or STFU

  • Well nope?? But you are.

  • The gay propaganda is speaking now. I don't hear you

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