I want to kill myself

I'm tired man. i've been dealing with depression for years now and it hass not gotten better at all. i already have been to a mental hospital and i have a therapist. but it isnt helping me. i dont know why people care about MY life more than i even do. i want to be alone. i want to be dead. im extremely tired, mentally. it is always "you are not alone," and "it will get better." im tired of hearing that s***.

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  • I can't imagine how hard it must be... Of course you are right it is your life, it seems people care for you. Maybe you have family to live for, maybe you could find a purpose?

  • I can imagine.

  • Why are you telling the world. Just do it. We don't care

  • This site has a lot of mentally deranged people on here. Too much drugs

  • Another attention seeker

  • What!!! Big you don't need help. Just call Satan. The number is 666

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