If never seen my daddy

I've been talking to this guy. He is and 40 and I've never seen him he has a wide and kids and we have a bit of a age gap. We love 7 hrs away I ask him to show his face all the time and he wont. Last night he showed his d*** I wanted to sit on it and ride him so hard . He has a wide I've never seen her and he doesn't talk abt her but I hate her. I want my daddy to be mine im fine with his kid I don't even know how old they are or what gender they are. I just want him. We have a on and off relationship he says he needs to leave so he doesn't ruin his marriage then we will both get back on omegle(that's what we use to talk because he doesn't want to get caught). I think abt him all day. I want him to live me and just me. I want him to be my daddy and me his baby princesses. If I ever got the chance to even be near him I would. He tells me all the time he would abuse me and hit me, but I want it so bad. Him to slap me for no reason I need it. I'm going to ask him if he can talk on call tonight. I don't want to ruin his marriage but I also want him to be mine . I need him to abuse me and choke me to the point I pass out and him f*** me when I'm passed out. I want him to see this and confront me and it but I don't think he uses this website. If he does chicken and kill Bill and skateboard and vines (our inside jokes ig you can call them)

Jun 20, 2020


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  • It will not end well if you pursue it.

  • Go rent one

  • OMG I don't think I've ever been happier then right now. We just got off call. I kept pushing him til he snapped and punished me for being a disobedient w****. G******* I love him and missed him so f****** much

  • Copy the url and text it to him. I’m sure he’ll have a read then

  • We stopped talking. He wanted to focus on his wife

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