So much sugar

Of all my friends at school I'm the least attractive and in addition I'm probably like 35 pounds overweight for my height. But I'm the only one there who has a sugar daddy. None of them know it but it makes me happy to know that I have a relationship that none of them have and its with a solid man who treats me so well and buys me so many nice things. (And who is waaaaay better hung than any of their boyfriends.) None of them have a sugar daddy and they all don't understand why I don't get a boyfriend. I keep telling them I don't need a boyfriend but I never tell them why.

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  • Your man is VERY lucky. I hope he knows it. btw, is he married?

  • Thank you. I think he considers ME to be the lucky one, and I sort of do, too, at least most of the time. But to answer you, yes, he is married and that is exciting and part of our problem. I mean I hate that he goes home to her and to his children but I love it that he leaves them to come get with me. That last part is exciting and I love all the cheating we do.

  • Pour some sugar on me

  • You would love my sugar. I gush but I also squirt. Men love that.

  • So nice. I have a sugar babe and it's been good for both of us. I get to legally grope (sounds yuk) a young girl. She pays for her education and uses a car I bought for her.

  • You are soooooooo good to your baby. Thank you from all of us for taking such good care of her. We all appreciate that.

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