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(Super Unpopular Opinion Alert) I think that it's inhuman to take drastic measures to artificially prolong life. It's unfair to make a pet or person suffer when they only have a small amount of time left. Going out on a high note is better.

I would never get a pacemaker, and if I was told that I have a deadly form of cancer where I'll need to be shot with radiation all the time, I would go to my favorite park and put a .45 handgun in my mouth and fire. I do have a history of suicidal thoughts, but that part of my life is long gone and I have so many amazing things left to do.

Life is a precious thing, but letting someone suffer just to live a sliver longer isn't moral in my eyes. It's disgusting to do CPR on someone for 8 minuets and if they're brought back they're a vegdible because their brain was almost finished totally shutting down and is beyond disrepair.

I know what it's like to be told a loved one has little time left and you want to do anything you can to keep that person when they're going to meet their demise soon. I'm only 19, but I've fully excepted that I'm a mortal being who will one day parish like every other human to ever live.

If I had a disease when I was going through emence suffering, and if I was still able to, I'd want to shake the hand of a person that points a gun between my eyes.

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  • Of course most people think this idea will only ever apply to old people, because eeeewwww, old people. It won't stop there by any means, nor should it. There are many, MANY people on this planet who are resource suckers and won't ever get any better. This includes "special needs" kids, yep, we're bringing kids into this. If you want death panels for Grandma, kiss your bedshitting potato goodbye because it's next.


  • Fewer.

    --Stannis Baratheon

  • Actually, I think society is starting to come around on this, although verrrrry slowly. Most people are afraid of death even though every single person reading this (and everybody who isn't) is going to experience it, guaranteed.
    There's so much to potentially unpack here, but this is the wrong forum for it because panty sniffing and racism and a proud inability to spell don't factor into matters like this.
    Anyway OP, you're not alone in thinking that way.

  • He is full of BULLSHITT! If he is 19 he thinks he's indestructible nothing can kill him. But when he gets in trouble the first thing he will say is save me I don't want to die. By the way did CPR on a 3 year old for over 20 minutes and got a heart beat and that girl is alive and well. I am older and everyone of my friends or their parents that died from smoking. Do you know what the first thing they did when they got their diagnoses and where told they going to die? THEY ALL QUIT SMOKING! They hoped for more time or a cure. Wow talk about the most stressful time in your life and you quit smoking. Heck I would have gave them a carton of smokes.

  • You're right. I think I was trying to be tough

  • So your the not very smart 19 year old posting lots and lots of bullshit stories??? Keep posting them so that the rest of us can be reminded that teenagers are idiots

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