Just Trying Something New

A few years ago, my wife and I were going through a rough patch. We decided that we would allow each other tohave some NSA s** for one month and see what happened. I decided, as an experiment, to make a Craigslist ad saying I was available for amateur entertainment at bachelorette parties. The next day, I got an email expressing interest. The woman wanted someone to come over for her sister’s birthday party, so she asked me what I could do. I described giving massages, going down on the party goers, and just being a general plaything for the ladies at the party. She asked for a picture, and since I’m not a pro, I told her I wasn’t comfortable giving photos, but I’d be happy to meet up with her so she could see me. We met at a diner near her house, and I was shocked by how hot she was. She was a tall, skinny redhead in her late 20’s, and her sister was turning 21 that following Saturday. We chatted over coffee, and she was extremely forward with me talking about the things she wanted me to do at the party, so I offered to give her a test run at her apartment. We went back to her place, and it started out with me giving her a full body massage with coconut oil. As I was massaging her, she was pulling off my clothes, and when she saw my hard c***, she started sucking it. After a few minutes, I moved down and sucked her c*** until she was shaking from the build up. As I was getting ready to f*** her, her room ate walked in the door. Her roommate was an absolutely stunning black woman. She walked in and saw us, and said, “testing out the entertainment?” I spent the next few hours there massaging, licking, and f****** both of them. Needless to say, she hired me. The birthday party was basically more of the same, except with 14 drunk h**** women. The 21 year old sister though, she was out of control. She asked me to relieve myself on her face, and then she had her friends hold me down while she did whatever she wanted to with my body for most of the night. I ended up spending the night there, and by he time I left the next evening, I had been inside every woman there, and I must have came 10 times. I lost count of how many o****** I gave, but let’s just say my face looked like a glazed donut. I still see the sister occasionally, and it’s just as hot every time.


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  • Nice fantasy

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  • That sounds like you wishful thinking bullshit !!

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