I feel bad

I am married for the second time, I feel bad but cant stop f--k--g my wife's son, I had lots of gay s** in my college years you don't talk about it but it but it never leaves you, when my wife was out on a girls night, I went out with her son we got very drunk, I had a feeling hey gay so I talked about my relationships in college, I could see he was interested by the bulge in his pants, he was staring at my crutch, he said lets cut to the chase and pulled his c*** out and said there's mine lets see yours within minutes we were naked sucking each other and took turns on each others, we feel bad but cant stop,


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  • First of all i am in the same situation don't feel bad just keep doing it the guilt will go, i had gay relationships in my college days since i got married to a woman with a teen age son, we both knew instantly without anything being said i was bisexual, i saw the bulge in his pants when we first shook hands, the opportunity didn't arise for a month until his mother had to work one Saturday morning, i was still in bed when we herd the door slam he was i my bed straight away, we were enjoying a 69 shortly i was watching my c--k disappear
    up his an-s, there i nothing like buggery once you have done it it never goes away its always in the background, as a bonus i have persuaded my wife me try it up her back enter and she is well into it i always finish off up there,
    How about others tell there story's

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