Getting fat for him--and me!

I'm a 23 yof and i have a bf who is a few years older than me. I'm not fat but definitely soft. My bf says he'd love it if i got fatter but doesnt want me to do it on purpose becuz of him wanting it cuz its not good for my health to be fat. well, i always wished i didnt have to watch my weight cuz i like to eat so im using his desire as an excuse to just eat what i want. its been a few weeks an i already gained a couple of pounds. this is going to be very freeing for me as im already feeling real relaxed and eating anything i want, when i want, and as much as i want. my bf has noticed and keeps telling me i dont have to do it for him cuz he loves me as i am now, but i lie and tell him i'll do it just for him cuz i love him and want him to be happy, and not to worry about my health cuz i sure aint.

Jun 26, 2020

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  • Damn, girl, i'm jealous! What a dream sitch!

  • You're very lucky, you really, really need to get this guy to marry you. It took me a while, i always ended up with guys who wanted me to stay thin, but i was constantly struggling with weight and not very happy. In my late thirties, I found a guy who actually said he wouldn't mind if i gained. So i cautiously let myself go, and he loved it, so i REALLY let go. the fatter i got, the more crazy about me he got. Finally got married to him when i was 36 and we've been together for 9 years now. My wieght has doubled and he loves me more than ever and i'm very happy.

  • Girl, I hope you know what a dream situation you're in!

  • Wow, my kind of woman. I was with someone who also decided to let go and as she plumped and plumped, the s** got hotter and hotter. It didn't hurt that she was gorgeous to begin with. This was in 2014 and neither one of us has since found another lover who can do to the other what we did - we just understood each other and I could make her c**, which is not always easy with some women. I just always brought her food, whether groceries, take-out or something delicious I'd made at home. Her stomach got a little pooch first, then her thighs, azz, b****** and face all blew up. We're still friends and she is still a total doll, but we can't be together for reasons I won't go into.

    She has since deflated but is still flabby, which is hot too...cellulite never goes away! :) Bless you and wish you great luck on this forbidden but hot hot hot journey.

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