Sissy maid at the party

I told my wife that she had my permission to pick out my costume for the party ,that I would not resist or refuse to wear whatever she came up with. Boy did I regret saying that . She kept bugging me about going with her to pick out costumes with her for her haloween party at her work and I really didnt want to go to the party and really didnt want to be dragged through a bunch of stores looking for the perfect costume idea so I told her she was in total control.I got off work early the day of the party and when I got home she couldnt stop smiling and told me she was going to feminize me for the party.Before I could protest she reminded me about what id said and told me that she had told everyone at work about our agreement and she told them already so they knew how I was going to be dressed when we got there.I was still going to be humiliated and teased all night but at least everyone already knew .She coated me with hair removal gel and when I rinsed it off I was totally hairless below my eyes to the ground. She told me to just stand there with my eyes closed ,and she would dress me and do my hair and makeup and all telling me that when I opened my eyes and saw myself in the mirror for the first time I would be blown away . She had feminized me several times so I knew what to expect and had fun standing there having her put my bra and ** on,,stockings ,the dress,and my hair and makeup.Somehow this time it was different,the clothes fit and felt different for some reason.Finally about two hours later she announced that she was done and that she was amazed with how good she did.She led me over to the tall mirror and told me to open my eyes and I almost passed out at what I saw.She had glued on silicon **,A big B bra and ** were matching white shiny PVC.I was wearing a black and white PVC french maids outfit that was a bit too tight and a bit too short and when I told her I couldnt wear that she giggled and told me that I didnt have a choice .She explained that my maids outfit had a special lock that made it impossible to get it unzipped along with the locking belt around my waist made it impossible for me to take the dress off .She pointed out the straps that wrapped around each ankle also had a lock made in them that made sure that I couldnt take the 4 inch pumps off.She pointed out that the makeup she used was super extended wear water proof needed a special solvent to remove it.Lora laughed and told me that I should have been a good husband and went along with her to pick out our costumes . She reminded me that I told her she was in charge and that I would wear whatever she picked out.This is what I get for being a **.She told me to go sit in the living room and when she was finished getting ready we would go to the party.She told me she was sure that I would be the hit of the party and that we would leave when she was ready and not to ask before.She told me that I could leave whenever I wanted to but would not have any money and would be locked in my cute little french maids outfit so getting home would be exciting for me as well as everyone who sees me walking home. I behaved all night and was nice to everyone no matter what they said or how humiliated they made me feel ,My wife told me that she was going to keep me locked in my ** outfit for the entire weekend and I better pray that none of my friends or family decided to come over for a visit because I wouldnt be able to run and hide and they would all find out that we have a maid

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  • This story needs to be continued

  • My question is how many times have you worn it since that party???
    I bet the house is very clean!!!

  • Your wife is a gem

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