Stuck In the Friend Zone

So I'm married and we both want a divorce but we ended up staying together. Don't ask, it's complicated. Going straight to the point, I really like this girl I've been visiting like everyday during lunch cuz she works at taco bell. Only problem is I'm about 100% sure I'm in the friend zone. She thinks I'm cool and badass which is good but she says "dude". So besides that how do I get out of the zone and try to make a move? I mean she comes to my concerts and we go out and drink afterwards but I always see her talking and being around other guys which just makes me want to get up and leave cuz there's no way in H*** I'm getting out of the zone. Help😢

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  • I don't know what you did or didn't say to her but if shes aware of your relationship than your as good as finished. Very few people want to get involved in a love triangle, even less would wish to be a rebound.

  • Next to impossible. If she says "I don't want to ruin our friendship", you are done - no matter what you'll do, you'll never score with her.

    Women like two things about men, everything else what they say is a pure lie. Those two things are HEIGHT and MONEY. If you are 185 cm or taller, you don't have to be pretty nor smart nor funny - she'll fall for you immediately and will add you attributes that you don't even have only because of your height. It's a proven fact.
    HEIGHT is the most important and primary discriminating factor for 99,99% of women. You can be smart, cute, pretty, funny, have excellent manners, but it means nothing if you are 175 cm (5'9") or under.

    If you are rich, she'll love your wallet and your height will not be important. There are a lot of gold-diggers and I advise you to avoid them. For your own sake. I learned that the hard way.

  • That's because YOU judge women based on very shallow and narrow metrics like b00b size and whether or not she agrees with every single thing you say.

    Like attracts like. That is why you are bitter, no other reason.

    Not every woman is the way you described, but you will never know for yourself because you're determined to be the male version of what you claim to hate. Bed, made, lie.

  • You have completely wrong assumptions. I don't discriminate women just because of their b*** size, weight, height, hair color or eye color.
    However, almost every woman out there WILL discriminate a man solely because of his height, unless he is wealthy. This is a proven and documented fact.

    We both have different opinions and that's perfectly OK, but we also should reach an agreement considering the most important long-term things, like whether we'll buy a house in the suburb or in a small nearby town/village (me) or an apartment in crowded downtown (her). In other words residential type and place is something that I will not give up upon.

    I do hate and I mean really hate bitchy-feminist-career-orienteted women who think that the whole world spins around them, who always expect to receive everything on a sliver platter just because they are women and who always portray themselves as some kind of victims in "cruel chauvinist male society". So, for me the main discriminating factor is her character.

    It's not just my former experiences that formed such opinions but experiences from thousands of other men who shared their stories. Women are not what they used to be 50 years ago.

  • You make a lot of pretty noises claiming to want to reach an accord, yet studiously avoid so much as acknowledging "experiences of thousands of other WOMEN who shared their stories" as well as the men's. Men aren't what they used to be 50 years ago, either. So ditch the false intellectualism.

    I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm saying you're exceedingly biased.

  • Give up honey. Macho man here is not interested in discourse, he wants to be Right. He will never be 100% correct, but he is not interested in meeting halfway, especially when talking with a female. "OG RIGHT YOU WRONG GRUNT GRUNT. Oh, but here's a smiley face to show I can pretend to be enlightened :)"

  • Obviously you don't understand that there are two people in a relationship who should discuss, find common agreements and sometimes compromises. But, someone sometimes needs to take a lead in certain aspects. That means that married women or women in relationship aren't entitled to push trough their own ideas, sometimes exclusively for their own benefits, as "ours" and "for our family". Men also like to make some decisions, which obviously you strongly object.

    There are abusive men, true, but there are equally as many or even more abusive women. Millions of men from their girlfriends or wives receive daily portion of verbal or physical abuse for doing absolutely nothing wrong. Men don't talk about it because they think that it's not "manly" and because feminism makes fun out of them. So blaming men for everything is extremely one sided, don't you think so?

    Men changed over the last 50 years because of women. Thanks to some dull men (aka "tools") and women who supported third wave of feminism (this one is known as feminazism) we have more divorces than ever and less interest in the opposite s**. Our corrupt western MSM and twisted Hollywood have huge part in this. This phenomenon is much more prominent in our so-called western world. Feminism destroyed families and made men less interested in women. And no, I don't mean that men automatically turned towards other men. Every man with more than 20 working brain cells will desire NORMAL and feminine women, just like the women were in the 1950's and 1960's. Understand that overwhelming majority of men don't want women with dominant male character as this is extremely repulsive.

    That being said, I didn't say that women should be fully submissive to their husbands, unless they really want to be, but rather equal partners who will allow their men to bring some important decisions and who will be gentle, feminine and lovely rather than dominant, arrogant and abusive. :)

  • Hey everybody, an incel found a dictionary. Let's boost his glass ego and pretend he's smart!

  • Rob? Are you wh0ring around yet AGAIN, for god's sake? Divorce the psycho already! If she kills herself, she kills herself. That's on her, not you!

  • This following is not going to cheer you up. The odds of breaking out of a the friend zone are the same as breaking out of Alcatraz. Hey dude not even alcohol loosened her up to anything. If she knows that your married might be a factor.

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