My wife Lucy had been into swinging for a couple years when this happened and it was early last summer in July.
We had gone to several swinging parties and I had been with several of the other guys wives but I found that I mostly like watching Lucy in action and she likes to show off for me.
Wayne a friend of ours had talked her into making a bet and she lost and her part was to give him a b******* and it was about a week later before we could hook up because he lived in Richmond and we Live in Vallejo.
Well Lucy had been invited to a wedding and a reception later in Oakland and she had to come through Richmond on her way home and Wayne worked as a security Guard for an oil company She had a ride and her friends offered to drop her off at the visitors parking lot and I could drive her home later.
I spent the day walking our dog by the waterfront and talking to friends then when it turned dark I jumped into my pickup and drove down to the refinery.
It was after 10:00 now and he and I waited in the lunch break area with tables and benches for the employees .
We talked or only a little while when we heard another car pull into the parking area where my pickup was and I had screwed out the big light bulb leaving the area dimly lighted but well enough lighted for us.
He and I waited for her to come into the area and I could hear her footsteps in the cement path then all at once she appeared through the brush slowly walking toward us trough the bushes.
She glanced at me once and then turned her attention to him.
She had on her evening dress slit up to her hips on each side and she walked almost slinking up to him and asked how long do we have as she reached out and unbuckled his belt then she began to work on his zipper She looked beautiful as she gently bit her lower lip in concentration as his pants opened up.
Wayne murmured about 45 minutes now as Lucy freed his c*** then she asked will you put something for me to kneel on and I took of my light jacket and tossed it on the ground.
Sharon made like she was really doing something as she neatly folded it into a kind of pillow then she took his growing c*** in her hand and slowly began to stroke him as she looked up at him and said I think that will be plenty of time glancing over at me with a smile.
She turned back to him and Kneeled then took his c*** sucked him into her mouth then she took his hips in her hands and began to bob her head back and forth making sucking sounds .
I could see her saliva coating his shaft now as she bobbed her head on his c*** cupping his b**** in her hand and her left hand was on his hip and my wedding ring glistened in the half light.
I watched her lovingly suck on his c*** and she would slip his c*** out long enough to lick his shaft and suck on his b**** and his c*** head was beside her ear standing proud pulsing with each beat of his heart then going back to his c*** for about 10 minutes I watched her lovingly suck his c*** as he reached inside of her dress and played with her b****** then she leaned back on her heels looking up at him and asked are you going to c** and he just laughed and she laughed to in her throaty voice and sucked him back into her mouth Again she sucked him and I listened to her mouth sucking Slurping noise and boy was it ever exciting I knew that he couldn't last much longer and when she began to lightly scrape his c*** head with her teeth Wayne lost it and grabbed the back of her head and began to really f*** her mouth as she held onto his hips making very sloppy sucking sounds and her saliva was hanging on her chin in long strands swinging wildly back and forth before being thrown off with his wild thrusts then he moaned and gammed his d*** in her mouth as far as it would go and his legs began to shake as he grunted and Lucy was swallowing as fast as she could hanging on to his hips for dear life as he got his nuts. Wayne stood there gasping for breath still grunting with short thrusts in a spastic motion .
I could see Lucy still sucking him and she swallowed again then she sat back on her heals with his c*** in her had slowly stroking him and her tongue flicked out licking the last of his c** out of his p*** slit and her lips looked slightly swollen now after the rough treatment then she laughed her delighted laugh and tucked his c*** back into his shorts and said OK bet paid in full hon ready to go home now glancing over at me ?

Jun 26, 2020

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  • Awesome! I would love it if my wife would do this!

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