Bi querious

I'm a 56 yo woman widow ,got to admit wasnt a good marriage. Never really gone out with a guy seriously ,got a feeling I may be gay. I swim a lot at local pool and sometimes go with a neighbour and her teen daughter she's 13 , Ive found my self looking more at this girl and feeling h****. One day I was getting ready to go to pool ,neighbour phoned and asked if I would take her daughter as she didn't feel up to it ,I said yes so she got in my car and we went to pool.when it came to changing we used a family changing room as we undressed I was looking at her as she took her little bra off I could see her lovely budding b****** and pink nipples ,I could see her looking as I took my bra off and let her see my big b****** she smiled and start to take her little white cotton panties with white lace trim off and I could see her virgin p**** with small amount of dark pubic I slipped my thong off I could see her looking at my very hairy p**** ,we put our costumes on and she went out as I put our clothes tidy,I could help myself and picking up her little panties and sniffed and tasted where her p**** had been,it was gorgeous ,after our swim we got in showers and it felt so nice standing there together in the nude.on the way home I said did you mind just us going together to pool,she said she enjoyed it and liked being with me.After I got home I went to my bedroom and masturbated a couple of times thinking of the girl and what I would like to do with her .


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  • WTF is 'Bi querious' you st*pid d*ckhead

  • More likely written by a 20something male virgin. They barf out bullshit like this, trying on different personas, but the writing style is always the same.

  • Please tell us that something more happened the times after this one

  • Wow! There is nothing wrong with liking women. I’m 48 married for 25 years and actually prefer a little girl:girl time or watching my well endowed hubby f*** another woman’s brains out.

    But you need not act upon your urges with your neighbor’s daughter she is too young. But maybe you could develop a special relationship with the mother.

  • You should invite her to your house and when she comes wear a house coat and no underwear ,sit opposite her and show her your hairy p**** see her reaction tell her she has a nice body ,you could end up in bed masturbating together and making love to her ,have a couple of o****** together.

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