My big school crush

In middle school I had an unbelievably huge crush on this substitute teacher we had. He just soooo much younger looking than the other adults and like you could have sworn he was still in that teenage stage. And he was just always so nice and easy going, and it was always fun for us to try and snoop his facebook or harass him for his number or anything that could make him bashful, all stuff for fun but he never bit or took my bait.
It wasn't till I was thirteen I started experimenting with my friend or gushing about crushes, and around that time we had this school dance. I didn't really have a date with anybody, nobody asked and I already had my eye on a prize, so it was just us friends. Sounds norm, but ooooh I really went all out with my dress and hair. Why? Bc word was my substitute crush was gonna be attending. Oh my heart was set! No date? Pfft! It was now or never! Welp.. MISSION SUCCESS!
Oooh I was so brazen and awkward but I managed to get him to compliment me on my dress and got him to blush and all that. But the big step was sorta confessing to him and trying my best to get him to dance. I don't know why he said yes but I sorta just was a mess and trying so hard to win him over. I even tried grinding on his leg and nearly popper my top off. I was just.. so terrible. I remember that so clearly
As too later on, but like who doesn't forget the time they almost lost their virginity in school? Yep. We ended up sneaking off, and what was at first just kissing, turned to my dress all scrunched up and down and all sorts of stuffs. My heart was all over the place, and I so thought this was gonna be my first. To be fair, we did try! It's just I couldn't do much more than the tip and he was set on not forcing it but I was fine if it hurted I was just so heartstrucked but bless him for trying to make this special.
Nobody else knew we were gone when we snuck back, and school was then a little better afterwards and oh how it was so much easier to tease him now. And oh how I couldn't stop gushing about what happened to my friend to stay as a secret, not that anything went further between me and him. Well okay, I did bat some eyelashes at him but come on! That bashful cute was adorable okay!
PS. Funny thing though but I actually like girls now more, or I guess I always had. Alot has changed for me in years. But this moment and my teacher crush, that's still something special to me.

Jun 29, 2020

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