My sis helped me with my first

For my 16th birthday my older sister did me a favor and told me she arranged with her best friend to help me lose my virginity. Which like I was absolutely excited for! Because like, not only was the bff cute but I was finally gonna have s**. Until the night of though, I didn't realize my sis was gonna be in the room too. It wasn't gonna be a threesome, not in the traditional sense.. more like, my sister was gonna fool around with her friend while I just so happened to be doing the same. Not that I was gonna complain, something was better than nothing. Which all in all, it went amazing, even it got weird(like, fingering your sister sorta weird). Still beats getting a bj in the school bathroom freshman year, though probably something I'm less proud of

Apr 23, 2020

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  • My sister came into my bedroom once in the middle of the night and played with and sucked my boobies. She fingered my p**** and then licked it. All of it felt great. I spent the next couple weeks waiting for her to do it again and she didn't. Then I tried dropping hints and accidentally being naked around her but still she didn't do anything again. Finally one night I went into her bedroom and took off my nightgown and got in bed with her. I spooned her from behind and reached around to hold onto her boobies. She rolled over on her back but was still asleep and I pulled up her stop and started sucking her nipples. She woke up, realized what was going on and yelled stop that, get out of here you little freak or I'll tell mom and dad. I ran out and back to my room. I was just getting my nightgown back on when my father flew in asking what was wrong while my mom was doing the same at my sister's bedroom across the hall. I was stunned and caught off guard not knowing what to say. Thank God my sister said she thought I was sleep walking and acting really strange. Nothing more ever happened and I don't know why. I wanted her to do all that to me again and she didn't and she's never mentioned it.

  • I am a guy who just turned 17.My sister,Kara,who is 14 and still in puberty is a bedwetter because of it.That night after my birthday party,after we had all gone to bed,Kara came into my room with her diaper and plastic pants on and her pajama top and gave me a great b******! She swallowed my c**,then sucked me some more for over a half hour! Greatest birthday present i ever had!

  • So you are telling us that your sister pimped out her best friend to you... BEST SISTER EVER!!! LOL

  • This is an eleven-year-old boy with a rich fantasy life.

  • We are twin sisters, 12 y/o and we f uck. Mum bought us strap ons top pleasure each other.

  • Sister-sister lesbian incest is the BEST! Enjoy... Try scissor-tribbing each other too. That’s even better...

  • Send pics to

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