My sis helped me with my first

For my 16th birthday my older sister did me a favor and told me she arranged with her best friend to help me lose my virginity. Which like I was absolutely excited for! Because like, not only was the bff cute but I was finally gonna have s**. Until the night of though, I didn't realize my sis was gonna be in the room too. It wasn't gonna be a threesome, not in the traditional sense.. more like, my sister was gonna fool around with her friend while I just so happened to be doing the same. Not that I was gonna complain, something was better than nothing. Which all in all, it went amazing, even it got weird(like, fingering your sister sorta weird). Still beats getting a bj in the school bathroom freshman year, though probably something I'm less proud of

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  • So you are telling us that your sister pimped out her best friend to you... BEST SISTER EVER!!! LOL

  • This is an eleven-year-old boy with a rich fantasy life.

  • We are twin sisters, 12 y/o and we f uck. Mum bought us strap ons top pleasure each other.

  • Sister-sister lesbian incest is the BEST! Enjoy... Try scissor-tribbing each other too. That’s even better...

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