Whats the best way to end a long term relationship?

I ended a three years relationship with a girl by simply no longer calling her. Her parents never let her call me and I knew that if I quit calling her we would not get in touch unless she wrote to me or something like that.

She was going to start attending college in one month and I knew that she would be meeting other boys her age and I knew she would be dating them.

We were having problems already and the relationship was fading away but it was not gone completely until I quit calling her.

She was not expecting this. She was the type of person who would want to maintain a friendship but I wanted none of that.

I soon met another girl and se was history.

On rare occasions we would see each other in a store or somewhere but I just walked past her and didn't say anything to her.

We never spoke again.

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  • I'm the OP. When we met and that happened on two occasions she just stood there smiling strangely at me.

    When we were on the phone before I quit calling her she made it clear that she was losing interest in me and developing an interest in other friends male and female. The relationship was all but over already.

    My relationship with her was complex and she wanted out and was vocal about it although she didn't come right out and say we were through.

    I really didn't know what to say to her so I didn't say anything to her ever again.

    Maybe I should have told her what I planned to do and break up with her completely in a way that was not such a surprise.

    While she was surprised I'm sure the surprise was a pleasant one at least in the long run.

  • After investing 3 years (or even 3 weeks) of your life with someone, the very least you can do is break up with them in person. Not by text, facebook status, email or phone - face to face. There are of course circumstances where face to face is not possible, face to face is best. It won't be easy or comfortable. There may be tears, anger and confusion. And it's either going to come as a surprise or not to the other person, but it's closing a chapter in both of your lives. Do it properly. Wouldn't you want to know? Instead of having a gf never call you again? Just do the same thing you're doing? Time to grow up. What's humorous, is you think that she cares when she sees you in a store..she probably thinks there's whatshisname who she wasted 3 years with ..thank god that is over. Trust me, there are two sides. She probably wouldn't want a friendship with you. You're no prince. At some point, you're going to have to face uncomfortable things. You wouldn't go to work and not show up one day because you decided you didn't want to work anymore. The only person that it reflects badly on is you. And if you're okay with not showing up and dealing with life..then that's you. Or maybe you are okay with it because you're just too immature and can't deal with being an adult. It's about having integrity. Problems exist in all relationships. Now that your older, hopefully you'll handle all your relationships with a bit more respect and consideration. Maybe a good rule of thumb.. Don't be a douche.

  • Selfish j***

  • You should tell her. Just not calling is pretty gutlesz

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