I don't know if I am straight bi or gay

I'm 63 years old and always freaking h****.

Its hard to fine females that wants to f***.

Having s** with males is much easier.

I have experimented playing with another male

It first started when I was in the Army and going to school to learn my new job

My platoon sargent ask me if I would like to go with to south Carolina with him for the weekend and I said sure

After we got their we started drinking and was getting pretty wasted.

My sargent said let's watch some p*** on.

After about 15 minutes we both had hard ons sargent standed and ripped his clothes off and looked at me and said get naked with me and I did.

My sargent ask me if I ever had my c*** sucked and said no then he replied let me suck your c*** and while he was sucking me he was finger f****** me then I shot my load in his mouth and he swallowed it

He said let me f*** you and I said no way so the rest of the weekend we ran around naked and sucked c***

My next experiment I was driving over the road and had a partner we got a motel room but it only had one bed so we went to bed

During the night I felt a hand on my crouch I just laid their acting like I'm was sleeping then felt his hand rubbing my c*** up and down. He pulled my underwear off and started sucking my c*** I still act like I was a sleeping he sucked me until I was c****** in his month

The next morning I was naked and didn't know how it happened my partner said I took them off during the night and said ok

My next experiment i was so freaking h**** and went to get a massage I called one from a gay paper

As he was rubbing me down I started getting rock hard he turn me on my back and worked his way down to my c*** then he started sucking my c*** and finger f****** me

By this time I was so freaking h**** I will do about anything

He said your ass is tight you must never been f***** and no I haven't then asked me if I can f*** you I looked at his hard thick c*** it had to be 8 inches or better

Ok f*** me he turned me over on my stomach and got on top of me and started pushing his c*** in the ass. It hurts he said it will for a few minutes its called the pain of joy..

After about 10 minutes he was starting to f*** me faster and faster oo god this feels great f*** my brains out after about another 10 minutes he started to say immmm cummmming and blow his seed deep in my ass .

From their I would go to a gay bathhouse

I been divorced sense 2002 and that was the last time I had s**

I live in Denver Colorado and I'm 63 years old and really freaking h**** needing some s**.

I'm a little confused today the only way I'm going to have s** is with another male ..

I'm confused I'm I straight bi or gay.

I love looking at a nice c*** wishing I was getting f***** by it and when I see naked males with nice c**** my c*** get rock hard but still get hard watching straight p*** wishing I was f****** her.

So I'm I straight bi or gay

My email address new2malebreeding@gmail.com

And let me know

Jul 1, 2020

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