Needed job in lockdown - 1

I was laid off suddenly in this lockdown situation. I attended several job interviews – no result not to be hopeful!! This morning I am waiting for a job interview at a posh office in Detroit. I needed the money and will take any job at any cost! One lady left hurried out of his office clutching her bag tight. Then a middle aged well built man asked me in the office. Yesterday we had talked about the job and he made it sure that I was on the phone yesterday and asked me to follow him guiding me to his room.
He walked around his large desk and sat in his chair, but I was still standing by a chair in front of the table. He asked me to sit down, smiling. I put my shoulder bag on the floor by the chair, smiling and made myself comfortable. He looked at me, weighing my words and appearance. I was feeling nervous. He looked at me up and down and started to undress my early 30s body with his lustful eyes. I was wearing a skirt hardly covering my knees, with slit on the left and a white blouse, two buttons undone to show a little of my cleavage but it was covered by a pearl necklace.
He kept on asking whether I am interested to work here, and what qualifications, experience etc. I had. I made a little bouncing of my 36C b**** with little sag while taking out a brief resume from my bag and presented it to him, while talking. I also told him that I am ready to do anything, any job here. Anything? You said…I nodded, trying to show my interest. His look started to change.
Well, it is not enough … he started. But I pleaded … please, I’ll do anything !
There is always something you could do… he said suddenly, looking at me in the eyes. What was it… I became inquisitive. Well, maybe for now you could just walk around the desk and get on your knees…he said, still looking at me.
Nervousness overcame me but I tried to hide it with difficulty. He looked at me straight in the eyes, a smile had opened on the corner of his lips. If you do, the job is there, right now! He said with a bright smile.
I couldn’t believe this was happening but was starting to consider it. I was so desperate for money and without a job I would be homeless in a few weeks. She had nowhere else to go. Okay! I said. I’ll do it! I said, looking down.
Good ! his face was glowing now, pushing away his chair he gave me enough room in front of him. I stood up, her legs shaking. It seemed that I was not in control anymore. I got down on my knees in front of him. He was smiling. I stayed there, looking at him. Go on girl, open it, he pointed down at his own crotch.
With shaking hands, I managed to go for his fly. I was feeling his hard c*** under the fabric of his underwear. I slowly grabbed his throbbing c***. It was big and warm. I wrapped my hand around his hardness and got it out. It was big and cut. The glans was shining with flared rim, with which I was familiar with – thanks to my x-bfs. The slit was wet with drops of precum. Couple of blue veins were quite pronounced and going through its whole length. I could feel him breathing heavy. I slowly started to j*** him off, dreading the moment she’d have to put her mouth on it. Kiss it! He said.
I bent over and slowly put my lips on it. He moaned and put his head back on the chair. She kissed it again before letting the taking the whole of the glans into my mouth. It was easy for me as I always was a good c*** sucker. So, I slowly put my mouth around it and let my tongue swirl around on the slippery glans. The tip of my tongue was probing his pee-slit. He moaned in erotic pleasure. My other hand was playing with his b**** he had just let out of his pants.
You’re good at this! Good indeed … he was moaning now. I was too starting to take pleasure in giving him head and lick up and down his shaft. I took almost half of his c*** into my mouth but his sitting on the chair made it awkward to take the whole of it into my mouth!! You’re liking this, aren’t you? I didn’t reply but smiled and sucking his c*** in earnest. I was feeling his pulse against my tongue and it started to bother me as to his impending climax. I raised the helm of my skirt a little to let my hand slip between my thighs and rub my p**** over my panties. At the same time I started going down deeper on his c***, letting it hit the back of my throat. My job must be made ensured … His legs were starting to shake and she knew he was about to c** so I started jerking off and returning my mouth against his glans. I whispered … Give it to me! give it to me!
He let his head back on the chair, his eyes closed and he moaned in animalistic pleasure holding my head against his crotch area. Several gush of c** ejected from his throbbing c*** and shot at the end my throat. I kept my eyes closed and swallowed whole of his warm c**. I kept on sucking till his c*** went almost limp! I stood up and took some tissues to clean my mouth. When I was done and he had zipped back his fly and looked at me. He wiped his sweat dripping down of forehead with his handkerchief.
Thank you and see you on tomorrow! He said. He showed me my office space – two girls away – one in her early 30s and one mid-40s and too sexy!! I would call them X and Y respectively.
Within a week we became friendly – rather too friendly with this two colleagues. They were too in the same boat like me – keeping jobs in the days of crisis. They too participate in giving bj to our boss, once a week. That means my turn will come once a week. The salary was good and I did not mind in the given situation but I also wanted to know more about his kinky side of sexuality to get hooked properly.
I got friendly with my elder colleague, Y, a buxom lady with broad swaying ass cheeks. She was bi too. I invited her to my condo on a Saturday lunch. After lunch and a few glasses of wine, most of our talks were around our boss’s sexuality as she narrated his kinky side of eroticism. He was a good f***** and can pound you for half an hour at a stretch and then with a brief break continue till his partner got ravished before reaching climax. He was also a p**** man and loved only mature and fat lips. So Y was favorite to him in such acts. We both got excited and cuddled and kissed and sucked each others p**** in the afternoon. I left a question to her whether he was into 3-some, FFM with her colleague!!

Jul 3, 2020

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