Sick of the news channels

I have totally had it with all of the news programming in this country. The shows are all filled with the same excrement, and they all try so very hard to tell us what to think, instead of just giving is the information and allowing us to think for ourselves. I'm tired of them and insulted by them. Enough!!!

Jul 5, 2020

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  • "Enough" is right. I don't want no more. No more Rachel Maddow or wolf blitzer or Bill o'reilly or Chris Cuomo or Joe Scarborough or
    Brian Williams or anderson cooper or none of the rest of they ass/ bye felicia to them all

  • In my job, I meet new senior citizens every day of my life, seven days a week. Within 3 minutes of introducing myself to someone, I can tell which news programming they watch, because they all now regurgitate the phrases and perspectives they hear on TV, whether one network or another. It's discouraging to see and hear intelligent (for the most part) and lucid (for the most part) grownup (chronologically) people who have abandoned rational, independent thought for the dreck that now passes for reportage. It's sad.

  • Then don't watch TV

  • I did, gave up watching TV, now I am more Interested being on the Internet as for therapy

  • I never watch Marxist anti American news . Its a for gone conclusion that they will be attacking our country . Its not news . Just marxist propaganda . 24/7

  • Trump is so far gone that even your overlords at Fox News turn on him sometimes. I understand your simple, misguided mental agony. At least it isn't too much agony, seeing as how you're so lacking in brains to begin with.

  • Try this wonderful new invention it is called the off button

  • Oh, my, you are so very clever. But can we not lament the fact that we have lost a vital, important part of our democracy? We need and should have --- and are entitled to --- a viable independent news media, not a squad of vapid cheerleaders, trying hard to out-scream the other side's squad.

  • Thank you.

  • Totally agree. The news, should be reported not made by the news.

  • Very true, and very well said. Thanks for your perspective.

  • Go to It's a great site listing many news sources from all over the world and will tell you which ones are biased, which way, and to what degree. People need to hear more about it, especially during this administration that cries "fake news" and actively suppresses useful information. What a great time to be in "the land of the 'free'", huh?

  • So true. Thanks for the input.

  • It's a liberal owned company, fucktard. They spout lies and are biased against the truth. Trump is actually acknowledging the fact that these MSM outlets spout lies, which I can see that you are unable to handle him calling out your bullshit.

  • It is actually a very useful cite, for people who want to learn what is going on but do not want agenda's

  • Aww, is somebody triggered because that site calls out biased sites of all kinds, including Faux "News"? Sob sob, cry cry. That's all you losers have done since your orange pedo with the sick brain started braying "fake news" every three seconds.

  • It's the same in most countries. A useful tool for control.

  • Yep. But if you draw from enough objective sources and do some independent thinking, you break that control.

  • How many people are capable of that these days? Not enough.

  • Not people who say liberal all the time, that is for sure

  • Truth. If you can't finish a sentence without using that word, Fox News does all your "thinking" for you and you should not be allowed to speak.

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