I have been in love and wanting to make love to my MiL it’s been about 5 years since her husband passed she dated one guy and nothing since. My wife keeps asking her to forgo online and date but she’s not interested. If only I knew she if she was interested in going further with me I would take her and make love for hours.

Jul 7, 2020

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  • I f*** my GF mom all the time.

  • You have tips?

  • It started by me just being very helpful to MRS Cotten and paying her lots of complements.

    Then when They invited me over to see me off to college she sent my GF on an errand. She went to the Master Suite and a few minutes later asked me to help her. She was naked. Next thing I knew she was pulling down my pants and sucking my d***.

    Then she laid on the edge of the bed. I licked on her a bit and she said, “f*** me hard!” I pounded her. She was moaning so loud my gf came in just as I filled her mom with c**. She yelled. Harder, Harder he’s not done! I need more.

    Now I don’t have a GF. But I have an amazing 50 year old f*** buddy!

  • You are one lucky b******!!! I'd love to be in your place. I'd take a woman dying to please me any day over someone who makes a fuss about giving p**** when I want it, which is all the time! LOL!!! Have fun and keep her happy!! F*** her hard. And suck her c*** till she moans in joy!! Older women love it when they are given the attention they are craving for!! Tell us more about your experiences. And, I agree, a bushy p**** is truly awesome!!

  • I know I’m very lucky. I spent the weekend with Mrs Cotten. She is divorced now so we spend a lot of time together.

    On Saturday morning she woke me up licking and kissing my c***. She asked me what I wanted for breakfast. I told her, “ I want to eat you out for breakfast”. She said, “I don’t want to go out with the virus and all” and smiled. I told her “I want to eat your sweet p****”.

    She then went down on me hard and stuck her bush in my face. We did the 69 and came at the same time.

    She then swung around and gave me a big deep tongue kiss while we both had c** in our mouth’s!

    She then slid my d*** inside her p**** without using her hands and sat up tall riding my c*** till we came again

    She is f****** amazing!

  • Compared to the mom, what's it like f****** the daughter? She too has a bushy p****?? Have f***** her hard and often? Being a young fellow, you can service a lot of mature, married women!! They will love it! Tell us about your experiences. Keep f*****'

  • The daughter and I broke up after she caught me f****** he mom. My ex is beautiful. Probably the prettiest girl I’ve ever see. Am absolutely perfect body. We had s** a lot on I thought it was amazing till I f***** her mom.

    All the girls I had before Mrs Cotten were shaved. There is no doubt bush is best! In my experience young girls are beautiful but they are boring in bed.

    They just lie there or only one to do one or two positions. Their p**** is also too tight. I popped my exes Cherry 🍒. I thought that was going to be amazing. But her moms p**** feels soo much better.

    I’m staying with my parents during the virus. Well between their place and Mrs Cotten’s. But I also got the opportunity to f*** our neighbor. She is 52 and amazing in bed as well.

    I’m convinced that older women who have bore children are incredible lovers

  • As for the neighbor. It’s a crazy story. She used to babysit me when I was young. They have a daughter a couple years older than me and she used to both her daughter and I together. Faith and I would “play” with each other in the batch. Mrs Andrea would laugh and watch.

    Long story short, Faith and I ended up being each others first. We never dated but would f*** every now and then.

    A few weekends back Mrs Andrea was working in the yard. Her husband was out of town tending to his parents. I went over to see if Faith was home. I ended up helping her in the lawn. We finished up but both got hot and sweaty. She invited me in to cool off and talk. She gave me a few beers and she had some wine.

    Then she disappeared. I heard her call my name about 10-15 minutes later. She was in the bathroom. She said come here I need your help. I came in and she was naked in the bath. She aled me to rub her back. Next thing I knew I was reaching around and rubbing her breast. Then my hands slipped down and I felt her bush.

    She moaned and said no. I stopped and stood up. She turned around and said “ you are naughty! Take off those clothes and I will have to teach you a lesson. “

    I stripped down and she went down on me so fast and hard. Gagging on my 8 inch c***. I spent the next couple hours there f****** her in every hole and eating her p****. I went there hoping to f*** Faith but this was much better

  • Dude, did you f*** any other mature woman? Your story is so f*****' hot!!! Tell us more. Did you f*** Andrea again? What's she like in s*******?? Does she have a bushy c***? Did you eat her out to her heart's content? How many more are you doin' now? You are one really lucky f*****!!

  • So regarding mature women. Only had the pleasure of Mrs Andrea and Mrs Cotten. But there is a lady down the street that is in her upper fifties. She always wears yoga pants and makes the other women in the neighborhood jealous.

    I know my mom has accused my dad of f****** her a few years back. She was having some plumbing issues and being a single mom couldn’t afford to pay a plumber so my dad helped her out. I think my mom was right because when I would go over to see her daughter she would ask about my dad.

    Anyway she has a daughter about 24 or 25 by now. I noticed she has been staying with her mom during this CoViD stuff. I lost my virginity to Sarah (the daughter) when I was in 8th grade and she was in senior in high school. It was on a dare by one of her friends but we hook up every now and again. Last time we hooked up was last summer as my graduation gift.

    I’m going to try and use Sarah as a means to bag her mom (Virginia). I really want to get into those yoga pants. It’s so sexy when she wears those white ones that go up her p****.

  • Saturday was amazing. I was headed to go spend some time with Mrs Cotten but Mrs Andrea was washing her car and asked if I could help her. I couldn’t resist. She was wearing Daisy Dukes and a swim top.

    When we were done she invited me in for a beer and to dry off. I sat down to drink my beer then she asked me to untie her top. Next thing I knew I was licking her nipples. She reached down and felt my hard c***. She then took off her curt offs and she had no panties. She then sat on the kitchen table and I went to town eating her FIRE RED bush. I then f***** her right there on the table came inside of her then pulled up my pants and gave her a kiss and left. I was 2 hours late to see Mrs Cotten!

    When I arrived Mrs Cotten was not happy that I was late. She was ready to have some fun.

  • Oh and by the way I’m 19. And Mrs Cotten is incredible in bed. So much better than any high school or college girl I’ve had.

    She may not be as cute as a 18 or 19 year old but she is beautiful, sexy and an amazing f***! She really knows how to please a man and is into all kids of stuff.

    Oh and she has a supper sexy fire red bush. Bushy p**** is amazing. Why would you shave it bald?

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