In love with a student

I am working at university and I'm still quite young (33 yrs.), so that my students are only a few years younger than I am.
Since I 've been working as a lecturer (about 4 years), I decided never to meet up with students privately to get myself not in troubled situations of any kind.
But since this semester, there is a student that really aroused my interest and I normally do not fall easily in love. I am also not interested in affairs or ONS. She has a strange manner meeting me eye to eye (and not only as a teacher). All our conversations were professional ones, but I feel that she is interested in my opinion and likes to share feelings about things with me.
She is not much younger than I am (I guess about 25 yrs.), but she is my student and she will get a mark at the end of the semester. So I am really unsure. As I've said: I usually do not fall in love easily and under normal circumstances (if she would be a friend of a friend of mine or sth.) I would really try to date her... but this situation makes me quite dizzy...

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  • 33 is old. where did you get the idea that is young. once your over 18 its old. most girls are wanting s** by 6 now, and are getting it and pregnant by 12 and covering it up. they won't be afraid to let you know 25 is too old for kids now.


  • Is there a law where you work that lecturers should not marry students? Marriage is beautiful. But please do not have s** with her before you marry her.

  • ^Wow, your skill with Latin gives me hope.

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