A Mormon Confession

I am a Mormon and I have had a crush on a Mormon girl in my Sunday school class since I was a kid. I have only recently gotten brave enough to talk to her. We are both not old enough to date each other by Mormon dating standards. I'm 15, she's 14, you have to be 16 to date. Even If I was old enough, I'd have to wait another year to date her. If I told her how I feel now; what would happen? Even if she kissed me or something, it wouldn't be something I could continue. Another thing is that, if she has a crush on me...will she still be interested in 3 years? Other girls in the ward have obvious crushes on me, but I am not interested in them. What should I do, I can't sleep thinking about this.

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  • I’m Mormon as well. Obviously they don’t know what they are talking about only what they have heard. I was in the same predicament when I was your age. I waited and everything turned out fine. My bishop later told me about a scientific study that show the earlier people start dating the harder it is on them to be with out a girlfriend or boy friend. The theory goes People get to an age where they aren’t as dependent on their parents. anymore if they then start dating too early they become dependent on having a significant other. There is a rise in things like suicide and drug use if you are not able to control your emotions on your own. As with most of the suggestions in our church they are actually more about freedom, independence, and agency than being strict for th sake of it

  • F*** religion

  • Leave Mormonism....you should get out and see the world...marriage before the age of 25 is stupid.

  • I would change religions, Mormons are bat s*** crazy

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