Daddy and fraternal twins

I'm a 21 year old woman with a fraternal twin brother Tom. Both of us have been sexually involved and in love with each other all our lived. We took each others virginity on our 14 birthday, we share a bedroom so being together is easy.

Three years ago on our 18th birthday we seduced our Dad and have been having a family threesome since that day. Daddy is tall, handsome and his c*** is large.

Tom and I love when Dad makes love to us. My brother is a submissive to Dad, but Dad and him will 69 both swallows. I went off The Pill two months ago and both are f****** me bareback and c****** in me. It only a matter
of time before I'm pregnant. They each have s** with me 2 times a day. Dad is a machine when it comes to s** and breeds Tom several times a day.

I love our family.

Jul 9, 2020

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  • Incest propagandist at it again

  • I would advise birth control. Stay on the pill and enjoy your dad and brother.

  • I want them to make me pregnant. I want children with them.

  • If story is true I would love to have a daughter that wanted me to c** in her and Brees her. Do they know your off the pill?

  • Yes.

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