Cuck Queen fantasy

This is under embarrassing simply Because I’ve been made fun of when I share this desire with other people.

I have this ongoing fantasy of a woman seducing my husband and flirting with him wether in person or online and then taunting me about How much he wants her and not me.
Eventually leading to having ** with him and being mean to me about it and describing it all to me.

Is this as weird as people make it seem?

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  • No it’s not weird at all

    I love watching my hubby go ** deep into other women.

    We make love. But when I watch him with other women he ** them HARD

  • My wife has the same fantasy. We chat about it but I will not act on it.

  • Cucks... It's like knowing you're making the losing bet but making it anyway and then cheering as if you're the winner.

  • Haha . Its kind of true. I think people are turned on to see their partner in the heat of ** . Being used as a ** toy and enjoying it .

  • You like being humiliated, it’s a kink, no need to feel weird about it. talk to ur husband and maybe you guys can make up a fantasy ** role play

  • Do you believe in God?.. I'd say why marriage if you don't want them? .....fu*k what we want....this whole world is fallen. Every desire has been twisted and skewed and nobody cares lmao. It's not "good" anymore. Life doesn't satisfyingly please people anymore and they try and try and try all the **. And still unhappy.... look we hunger and no matter how much we eat we will hunger tomorrow. :( God bless. I hope your soul is satisfied.. This is for everyone

  • You sound like a good qife who wants to explore more with her marriage.
    I honestly am not joking when saying this, but I think yiu should explore this. get a girl who you both can agree upon and trust.
    especially recird it and put it on the web. now there is the joke. but also seriously put it out on the web i think we all will thank you

  • It’s not weird at all my hubby and I have been doing this for years.

  • I love this to

  • One more marriage doomed

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