You are all pedos dicking around on this site i am riting tis to say tat you deserve notin but jail and ponisment

Jul 13, 2020

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  • This site sucks, it must be ran by idiot women.

  • Poor little illiterate incel, did Mommy not let you play with her tiddies today? Have a cookie.

  • No new confessions? What’s going on?

  • Probably shut down

  • To many heterophobes in here

  • Repeat it five or six more times, someone might give a $hit

  • Frankly I don't care, I just like to say it. Gay people are racists to the straight people. Press charges against the gays for a hate crime.

  • That's sexism, not racism. If you're going to make a point, do it while engaging a few brain cells. Everybody's a victim anymore, but many people think the isms are interchangeable. Just makes you look like a ret@rd.

  • We should be doing more to protect the children. Mandatory chemical castration at the least, although I'd prefer the death penalty for them

  • Protect your own children. Stop worrying about some other persons child. Mind your business.

  • Keep your stupid kids out of my way and I won't "worry" about them.

  • This right here!

  • You are nasty. Chester the molester

  • Mole esting is fun

  • Worry about your own dogs. For the record, why would I let you have s** with my chidren. You must be a dumb wman. Women do molest children.

  • Because you children would probably enjoy it that's why

  • Women really molest children. Thanks Mary Kay Letournou

  • Death penalty for pedos!

  • Too many heterophobes on here

  • For a start, the age of consent varies from 13 to 21 around the world. A 16 year old girl would be underage in one country, then after a few hours flight to another country is ready to f***. A real pedophile is attracted to child-like characteristics. So an 18 year old Chinese girl that looks about 12 to western eyes is legal in USA, while a 14 year old latino girl who looks (and acts) like a 20 year old p*** star isn't.

    Personally, I think it's pretty easy to see when someone is ready for s** and consent should always be agreed. I love fantasizing about 14 year old s**** and if anyone can point out how this harms real any people, then I'll be amazed. I will agree it makes a lot of older women furious.

  • Obviously you are one of us pedos other wise why are you commenting and taking interest this site

  • When did this stupid rationale come out of the elementary school playground and into supposedly grownup conversations? It's everywhere now, and all it does is show that the speaker is emotionally underdeveloped.

  • This is america. Join the party!!

  • Are you writing this in English or Pedlish??

  • It's spelled hebophile.

  • I hate how Ephebophilia gets grouped with Pedophilia

  • That's what happens when you raise kids to believe they're still precious wee ones at age 27

  • Ponisment is a word now. I didn't know that. Who made this one up. I bet it was white people. They always making up some dumb doo key deal and don't know the meaning. I'm laughing nowπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜š

  • It should be Penisment!!

  • Nasty

  • It's just a moral choice. In this era anything to do with kids is seen as wrong. In a different era it was different.

  • Writing*, this*, that*, nothing(or nothin's either way you spelt it wrong)*,punishment*

  • Sorry I ment nothin'* it's still improper grammar so my phone auto corrects it

  • Son I know you have written this intentionally with wrong spellings but we understood your point.

    But there are few deep things that you also need to adapt

    1. We are not going to change
    2. You are a pedantic fuckingg a****** with no job to do except criticize

  • The question is do you WANT to change or do you enjoy being pedo?

  • Any idea how to use the English language? What about punctuation, and spelling?

  • Reese's peanut butter cups

  • He’ll yeah!

  • Too busy jerkingoff to cp to spell correctly

  • Punishment is the correct spelling

  • Do you have a problem with the letter H?

  • Were you not educated ? Your spelling is atrocious !

  • Can you please spare everyone's eyes and rewrite this, i had a seizure reading it. thanks bae xx

  • Did you drool and pi$$ all over yourself when you did it? Do you need mommy now? Tell us bae xx

  • I is a angry and illiterate black man. You are killing me. Something about Bill Cosby. You have one day to live. Bla bla bla. White people. Serena. Duh.

  • Bill Cosby???? He will be free again. Mark my words

  • And why are you on here.

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