I used to have this dream boy. I wanted to have a boyfriend that is tall, handsome, smart, and someone that is just so perfect. It took years to find this guy. And when I did, I thought I was so in love with him. Then I realized, I don't deserve him. He is just too perfect. I reasons why I liked him are also the same reasons why I don't deserve him. Damn!

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  • Why i gues ur p**** ass and t*** r as good as the next

  • As being a boy i think u should say hey eana go out sometime or talk at the back of the oval u start a conversation by sayin not how was your day or how are u that just makes boys mervous say, nothing give him a kiss on the cheek and see if he reacts if not he will fall inlove with u

  • A long-lasting relationship is of two people who think the other is perfect and they don't deserve him.

  • Don't deserve him? That is silly. Why not? I say if you can find said dream persona and get them to like you, then that is it. You deserve what you get.

  • I was reading what she was saying, about how she doesn't deserve him and I just want it to thank you. I never thought of it that way either;one deserves what one gets :)

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