Pregnant and begging for my husbands load

I have been so h**** since progressing into my second trimester of pregnancy. I have a serious condition that has me on pelvic rest and It sucks because I want my husband so bad. Seriously what I wouldn't do for him to blow his load of warm c** in my p**** right now. I beg him to let me give him b******* but he doesn't want it because he loves playing with me as I give him head and dr said “nothing in thr v*****”. Tonight I cuddled with him on the couch and as he pet my face and played with my hair, his finger slid across my lips and slowly my mouth and my c*** started throbbing on overdrive. I couldn’t stand it. He knew what he wanted. Damnit- If I cant get off, he is going to!! I begged for his c*** and he said no. I took his hand and purposely sucked his finger once more while staring him in the eyes. “No - Just cuddle with me - I will want to f*** you and we cant do that right now”. We ended up just laying there for 30 minutes. Blah.... Im bored and restless from being so h**** so I get up to go to bed and he got up to close the blinds. I lean over to give him a goodnight kiss and was able to get him to make out with me for a brief second. While making out, I grabbed his hard c*** and said “please”. He said, “whatever, you obviously are not going to stop try me, but know that I want to f*** you so bad that a b******* Just isn’t going to do will be sucking a long time.” I pulled his boxers down and dropped to my knees. I grabbed his c*** and wet it with my mouth while I tugged on his b****. I started sucking so immensely his d*** was bulging halfway down my throat. I stopped and told him to get comfy on the couch. He laid down and I shoved his huge d*** back down my throat. This was the first time I was ever able to get it that deep. His c*** is so girthy and long it really filled my mouth and throat. He was shook. He put his left hand on my head and gently forced me down on his c*** harder while his other hand grabbed my p**** and he held tight. He was really enjoying this new deep throat action I was never able to do before and frankly idk how I was able to do this. My gag reflexes are usually pretty sensitive. I suck him hard until he said he has to go. I got so hot by that I sucked him harder. Idk how I had it in me to go harder than I already was. He came in the back of my throat and it was so much I couldnt swallow it all. It ran out my mouth and down his d***. He laid there paralyzed in euphoria. I so badly wanted to jump on his c** soaked d*** for round two but this damn pelvic rest and I don't want to harm the baby. That was easily the best b******* I have ever given my husband. I hope he lets me please him before work in the morning. I want to get his day started right especially since he has a day of presentations to give. It turns me on to think he could be at work daydreaming about me deep throating his massive c***.

Jul 14, 2020

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  • Amazing story...I love preg women...if you wanna chat let me know. Thanks

  • Some of the greatest s** ever was when my wife was pregnant she couldn’t get enough on my c*** she’d get on top of me and ride me until I came deep inside her pus** then she’d keep riding me and not Stop till she milked me dry. I’d return the favor by eating her out afterwards I’d lick her and finger her until she was shaking and couldn’t take anymore.

  • That was hot. And best part is no pedo s***, or any other of the bullshit that's usually on this site.

  • Thanks for the compliment. It was 100% true and that made it easy to write. That night he passed out on the sofa and I got up and went to bed. I was so sexually frustrated laying in bed (because I cant o***** due to pelvic rest) I had to release it somehow and posting here while it was fresh on my mind seemed like a good idea so I could slowly replay it in my head. Omg my husband is hot and can’t wait for many more nights with him like this. It gives me so much relief watching him blow his load when I can’t.

  • This story is f****** hot. Good for you for wanting his load. The world needs more women like you willing to do what it takes to please her man. I bet he stays satisfied.

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