A few years back when my oldest daughter was 19 she was dancing at a strip club near my work. Obviously I never advertised to anyone but sometimes some of my coworkers would go to the strip club on Thursday's after work. Sometimes, the next day they would be talkin about the girls, their ass, t*** and who they'd like to f*** or whatever.

A few times the mentioned my daughter even though she uses a stage name, they would mention a dragon tattoo she has on her leg, so I knew it was her. They would talk about what a w**** she must be and what a great ass she has and how they'd like to f*** her. One time one of the guys suggested they ask her if she'd do a g******* if they paid her. I'm sure they never did because they would have bragged about it. it was weird hearing them talk like that about her but I couldn't say anything because I didn't want them to know my daughter was a stripper.

Jul 18, 2020

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  • I bet you must be very proud

  • I wonder if that is my fate. One of my daughters may well end up on that path

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